We had the opportunity to attend Aharit Hayamim 2011 Shemspeed Winterfest at DROM in NYC.Aharit HaYamim is Israel’s #1 Festival Band. Aharit’s Israeli reggae, dub and ska groove and sensibility is rooted in a longing for peace and love of Zion they share with their Rastafarian brethren. Aharit proclaim their love for “Yerushalayim” and “Holy Mount Zion” with tight four-part harmonies, layered over thumping bass lines, lush arrangements and extended play instrumentals. They embody the Grateful Dead and Bob Marley rolled into one.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3EI4lJlNq0M&feature=player_embedded#at=202