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Category: BLOG - NYC Hock

The Jewish Center hires Woman "Scholar" as next Rabbinic Intern

by isaac galena Posted: 08-28-2006(Viewed 2584 times)

The Jewish Center, on 86th street,  lauded many times as one of the most influential Modern Orthodox synagogues in the city, and definitely one of the best dressed - has hired a woman "scholar" to take the spot of the usual "rabbinic intern" this week - a strategic move which will unquestionably give you something new to furiously debate for hours over your next shabbos meal...

Oh, but it gets better - listed under the CLERGY section of the Jewish center's website it reads:

Ms. Elana Stein
William Fischman Resident Scholar
Elana Stein is a doctoral student in Religion at Columbia University as well as a senior fellow in the Graduate Program in AdvancedTalmudic Studies.  She received her BA in history from Columbia College and has taught classes in the Columbia Hillel. Elana has a passion for Jewish causes and community and recently, she co-founded the summer Beit Midrash Program in Camp Morasha.

Note the Ms. - Yes, she is single, gentleman  (if that ain't a reason enough to ask our newly rabbinic female a halachic question- I don't know what is?) But don't get your socially dysfunctional motors running just yet - word on the street is she is seriously dating none other than Rabbi Shmuel Hain's (ex-Jewish Center Assistant Rabbi) younger brother!  SCANDALOUS! Right??  eh not really.

Either way - we have serious high hopes for the torah Ms. Stein has to offer at the Jewish Center - we just hope she isn't going to be judged because of her sex, dating status - and because it is the Jewish center - the price of her shoes.

Question 1:  Does this appointing have anything to do with THIS appointing?
Question 2: will she be required to wear the TOP HAT? discuss


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Bangin' Reader Comments:

From: J.
Date: 08-29-2006
Rating: 10
Comments: I heard her speak on shabbos - shes gave a great dvar torah! And this whole deal about the Jewish Centre being Jappy -- as if!

From: What about KOE?
Date: 08-29-2006
Rating: 10
Comments: KOE on 103rd and youth hostel apparenttly hired a woman as a senior rabbi. IS JC a trendsetter or a follower?

From: re: koe
Date: 08-29-2006
Rating: 10
Comments: KOE got hats off on 1010 WINS  -- check this - http://1010wins.com/pages/71601.php?contentType=4&contentId=191535

From: BCC
Date: 08-29-2006
Rating: 10

In response to whether JC is either a "trendsetter" or a "follower", who knows, perhaps they are both... But what is a sure thing is that they, and many other religious institutions would do a lot better (spiritually, physically, etc.) if they were/attempted to be neither of the two.  The best dancers are the ones who don't try, but truly attempt to feel, experience, and become one with the music - often mirrored by a soulful music within.  When it comes to religious practice, I'm not a believer of trendsetting or following, I focus on what's inside and try to let it translate to the outside.  Period.  I think people forget that religious practice is largely 'ben adam l'makom' and not 'ben adam lechavero'.  Sad.

The term 'Orthodox' has never referred to dramatic change, rather it has always alluded to a more traditional path, and been about maintaining a traditional level of religious practice.

The term 'Modern' on the other hand does and always has suggested an attempt to change things, sometimes (too) dramatically.

I question at times whether some aren't becoming more 'modern' than 'orthodox' - and being somewhat of a feminist religious Jewess (albeit still 'modern' enough that you might even be tempted to label me 'modern orthodox' - and how I loathe religious labels...), the concept of a female rabbinic position doesn't sit right with my more orthodox, traditional side..

'Just' my opinion, of course...

From: MG
Date: 11-05-2006
Rating: 10
Comments: I resent the fact that you put the word "scholar" in quotes when speaking of her. Is it that hard to believe that a woman could be a scholar? C'mon, guys, you know better than that.

Average Rating:10 out of 10

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