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Category: BLOG - Kabballywood

Krazy KKKramer T-shirt Now on Sale

by Frieda Shor Posted: 11-22-2006(Viewed 4290 times)

You may have heard that Kosmo Kramer went a little Krazy, at a Kalifornia Komedy
Klub.  So T-shirthell made a shirt to Kommemorate the oKKasion.


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Bangin' Reader Comments:

From: sarah from b more
Date: 11-22-2006
Rating: 10
Comments: thats sick...

From: Ariel
Date: 11-23-2006
Rating: 10

Bangitout has a very talented group of writers, but it is obvious from this briefly worded article authored by Ms. Shor that the Bangitout editors did not take the time to properly review Ms. Shor's article before it went to press.  There are numerous spelling and syntax errors present in Ms. Shor's article.  The letters "K" and "C" are not letters that are interchangeable at the whim of Ms. Shor.  Frankly it is not proper English, in fact it is bad English.  I think Ms. Shor should be sent to a remedial English class, a local grammer school should suffice, maybe PS 770, in order to properly understand the difference between a "K" and a "C".

From: not the first time
Date: 11-23-2006
Rating: 10

Apparently Michael Richards had a similar Anti-semitic Rant:

check it here.

From: Ariel
Date: 11-25-2006
Rating: 10
Comments: I wish to retract my previous comments about Ms. Shor's spelling abilities.  I did not realize that Ms. Shor was making an ingenous play on words by use of the letters KKK in order to refer to the racist remarks that are the subject of the article.  I wish to apologize for any disparaging comments made about Ms. Shor's talents or writing abilities.  It was my mistake in not understanding this obvious joke.  I happen to be a big fan of Ms. Shor's writings, in fact at one point some years ago I had started a Frieda Shor fan club.  Please continue to publish the articles of Ms. Shor, and if Bangitout ever decides to start a Frieda Shor fan club, please count me in. 

Average Rating:10 out of 10

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