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Category: BLOG - Just Frickin' Cool

Latke Vs. Hamentashen. Let's Do This.

by Latke & Hamentashen Walk into a Bar Posted: 12-18-2006(Viewed 7789 times)

Latke vs. Hamentashen: The Great Debate! goes on at universities and colleges across the nation (typically around Purm time). But this delicious debate is more than just tasty banter. University professors from all disciplines, jewish and gentile participate in in this public debate that mixes wit and humor. Both integral Jewish ingredients in any recipe.

It has been covered in the New York Times, Nextbook, Moment Magazine and there even is a book (and book extras) on the hot potato of a topic.

So what do you think is better? and Why?  Let's get greased up and start pounding this culinary smackdown:

Get your debate on starting with these topics: 

  • Shape: Two hamantashen glued together to form one of the ultimate Jewish symbols the Star of David. BUT The latke is the circle of life!
  • Name: Hamentashen, stands for ears of Haman. "Would you like to eat the ears of the villain?" Latke is Yiddish for pancake - can you be more Jewish?
  • Health: "The latke could be an easily banned substance in New York City" (trans fat ban)
  • Popularity: "Citing Google, which returns an impressive 380,000 hits on a search for "latke" and only 62,000 for "hamantaschen"
  • Literary: "But soft, what latke through yonder window breaks?"
  • Materialist-Feminist (Penn): "For women, it is clear that hamentashen offer far more scope for self-realization, egalitarian relations, and social progress than do latkes."
  • Variety: Hamentaschen have so many variations (prune, fig, jelly, apricot) while Latkes are burnt or not burnt
  • Duration: Last time I checked you get 8 days of Latkes, and only 1 of Hamentashen (2 if you are in Jerusalem)
  • Dressing: Latkes rely on apple sauce or Sour Cream for taste, while Hamentaschen can stand on their own. 
  • Taste: You be the Judge.  

The famous debates at the University of Chicago (over 60 years of  this debate) has now grown and to many campuses and universities (find yours below). 
Checkem out, pretty freaking awesome:

 MIT Debate:

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