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Category: BLOG - NYC Hock

Auslander: Losing my Religion at the New York Rangers Game

by Shalom Judaism Posted: 01-14-2007(Viewed 5795 times)

Up-and-coming Writer Shalom Auslander shares how he gave up on Orthodox Judaism after walking from Teaneck, NJ to Madison Square Garden on shabbos to the New York Rangers Game, only to see them lose, in the New Yorker download here. "We Had a Deal", Auslander yells out at God, something which I think most every religious person does on a daily basis. While Auslander's bitterness and dropping of religion is so tragic, his writing truly captures so much of the angst that develops from the frum community.

Shalom is interviewed on 'This American Life' radio show and tells his Rangers game tale: http://www.thislife.org/pages/descriptions/04/258.html

For more Shalom, here is a story about a Bracha Bee from his book: http://www.thisamericanlife.org/pages/descriptions/05/281.html

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