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Category: BLOG

The Craigslist FRUM GIRL SEEKING FUN Experiment

by isaac galena Posted: 04-19-2007(Viewed 35814 times)

One of the better personal Jewish blogs out there today called ATTENTION FRUMSTER SHOPPERS,  which is an incredibly honest blog written by a recently divorced religious guy trying to find Mrs. Right, held a little experiment in  March....

HE posted the following on faux ad on craigslist:

Frum girl seeking some fun - w4m - 33

Reply to: pers-289555864@craigslist.org
Date: 2007-03-06, 5:34PM EST

Hi all,

I didn't think I'd be doing this, but... what the hell. I'm tired of getting nowhere on dates, tired of Frumster and JDate. I have needs too. I'd rather not have to post on sites like this, but I'm not comfortable in bars or on other seedy sites. So I figured I'd post here. Maybe I'll act on this, maybe not. If you're intriguing enough, it could be fun.

Like I said, I have needs. Yeah, frum girls who went to Yeshiva need sex too! I'm looking for someone frum, because that's the kind of person I think I can relate to best, who I will be comfortable with, and who I'll have the best time with.

I'm 5'4", light brown hair and eyes, good figure. You should be CLEAN, in reasonable shape (no flabbies please, sorry) and FRUM. If you don't know what "frum" means, move along.

* I'd prefer if you're single, or divorced.

* You must send a pic (face ONLY please, all pics of your bris mila will be trashed).

* When you email, please tell me what this week's parsha is (to prove that you're frum).

* Also, I'm horny and adventurous, sure, but I'm not stupid. We will need to meet first in a public place to see if we click. We can even act like it's a shidduch date! If we click, we can arrange the next step. Discretion is a must.

Looking forward to hearing from some nice bochurim!

Within literally minutes, he received a couple emails and within hours, he had four pages of emails.

While the fake posting is already pretty hysterical, ridiculous and intriguing - and certainly quite on target with some of the actual postings thrown up on craigslist today (try searching FRUM on NY craigslist and you'll see what I mean.)  - The responses the ad invoked are even more telling. 

Luckily, the author of the Attention Frumster Shoppers blog kindly posted some of the more absurd and sincere responses...

All of which are definitely worth a read ...sad, funny, sincere, hysterical.  Check it here

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Bangin' Reader Comments:

Date: 10-24-2009
Rating: 10

please contact me at sh1959@aol.com

thank you

From: ash (Ny)
Date: 04-03-2010
Rating: 10
Comments: Why do you have to tempt other good bochurim to go off the Derech? would Marrige be an eaiser way? something better? Im not trying to Mekarev, im just saying youre a Frum Girl!! and probably worth alot in the hearts of many men, dont base your life off of physical greed. Im a guy, and have been on that road. We need(urge) it more than you do believe it or not, but once i came to my senses and overcame temptation, and looked to the Shomayim, H' has alot to offer to us, we Just have to show we want it! Please give G-d another chance, you wont be dissapointed. You might have heard this many times before, but this may be the first from an open person, an open heart, and someone who knows exactly how you feel. whatever you do you are still a Bat Torah, and H' will always be by your side :)- ps if you want someone to talk to, (kingasher@aol.com) im around

Date: 05-02-2010
Rating: 10

Hey let me see a picture of u

From: Frum
Date: 07-05-2010
Rating: 10
Comments: I'm m4w and chassidish guy looking to talk to a hot frum women call me. 3474520379

Date: 09-22-2010
Rating: 10

FrumVideo (http://www.frumvideo.com), the premier company in the Adult Frum Entertainment space targeted specifically to Religious Jews.

Date: 09-30-2012
Rating: 10
Comments: my names james hamby 47 email address jamesjhamby@yahoo.com

Date: 09-02-2012
Rating: 10
Comments: how frum r u  looking for ??????????

From: BEN
Date: 05-01-2013
Rating: 1
Comments: I'm truly repulsed by what I saw here. First of all, the posting is so incredibly fake (for reasons I won't divulge so that you won't be able to make the proper corrections) that anyone who is actually frum would EASILY be able to tell that whoever wrote this is nothing near FRUM. It is simply factually incorrect. Secondly, I the way the article puts down frum jews is a true chilul hashem (I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't know the meaning of those words). Pre-marital sex, adultery, and incest are not nearly as commonplace as they are in non-frum societies.

Date: 10-27-2013
Rating: 10
Comments: I submit the entire article and alleged responses are all fake.  Why?  The normal sentence structure, punctuation, and spelling is not like anything you see in the true frum world.  Even txt wrds wood b a step up.

Average Rating:9 out of 10

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