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Category: BLOG - NYC Hock


by bangitout.com staff Posted: 05-22-2007(Viewed 6933 times)



Time  Topic  Teacher  Venue 
10:15PM The Heroic Path of the Baal Teshuva and some tips for the Journey Rabbi Marc Wildes MJE Jewish Center 10th floor
11:30PM Problems and Solutions on Yom Tov Rabbi Baruch Simon West Side Institutional Synagogue
11:30PM Ready to Recieve Rabbi Yossi Kirshner West Side Institutional Synagogue
11:45PM Talmud Torah in a World of Competing Values Rabbi Ari Berman  Jewish Center 
11:45PM Speedbumps and Setbacks - Dealing with Spiritual Challenges and Burnout Arnie Singer MJE Jewish Center 10th floor
12:00AM The Divine Will and the Human Heart- Reconciling Religion & Humanism Rabbi Moshe Taragin OZ 
12:00AM Lessons on Love and Marriage from Sinai  Rabbi Henry Harris Aish NY 
12:00AM Kabbala at Midnight Rabbi Yitzchak Fingerer Aish NY 
12:15AM What's Yours is Mine: Napster, Bootleg Movies and Bit Torrent Mrs. Elana Stein Hain Jewish Center 
12:30AM Zerah Avraham: Turning Points in the Lives of Yitzchak, Yishmael, and Eliezer" Tzachie Shalev Ramath Orah/KOE
12:45AM 20 Minute Workshop - Prayer Rabbi Ezra Cohen MJE Jewish Center 10th floor
12:45PM 20 Minute Workshop - Kashrut Chani Bardash MJE Jewish Center 10th floor
12:45PM 20 Minute Workshop - Shabbat Baruch Freedman MJE Jewish Center 10th floor
1:00AM The Life and Times of Rabbi Akiva Rabbi Yonah Hain  Jewish Center 
1:15AM  Blueprint for Personal Greatness Gavriel Sanders Aish NY 
1:15AM  The Mystical Hebrew Alphabet Rabbi Gavin Bolsom Aish NY 
1:15AM Halachic Insights into Shavuos  Rabbi Shlomo Gottesman  OZ 
1:15AM Chag HaBikurim: “Connecting with Our Land and with Our Past” (WOMEN)  Adina Luber  OZ 
1:30AM  Reclaiming Lost Property After the Holocaust Rabbi Shlomo Einhorn West Side Institutional Synagogue
1:30AM  From the Sinai to the Subway: Leviticus 19 and what Rules can teach us about a Culture Rachel Gutin Ramath Orah/KOE
1:45AM Why Indiana Jones Matters: Biblical Archaeology and the Halachic Process Rabbi Yosie Levine  Jewish Center 
1:45AM Real Story - MJE true baal teshuva stories MJE Participants MJE Jewish Center 10th floor
2:30AM “Fear and Love: Discriminating the Twin Pillars of Religious Passion” Rabbi Moshe Taragin OZ 
2:30AM Making Sense of the Oral Torah  Rabbi Henry Harris Aish NY 
2:30AM Inside the 10 Commandments  Rabbi Eric Ertel Aish NY 
2:35AM 2 Strands of Modern Orthodoxy: Rabbi Saul Berman vs. Rabbi Hershel Schachter" Rabbi Shlomo Einhorn West Side Institutional Synagogue
2:40AM "Angels and People: Is the Torah really for us?" Gayle Adler Ramath Orah/KOE
2:45AM Dating and Relationships for the religiously developing Jew Rabbi Marc Wildes MJE Jewish Center 10th floor
3:30AM Revelation Revealed: A Brief Intellectual History of Matan Torah Mrs. Elana Stein Hain Jewish Center 
3:45AM Ask the Rabbi  Rabbi Marc Wildes/ Rabbi Ezra Cohen MJE Jewish Center 10th floor
3:45AM The House that Ruth Built Rabbi Shlomo Einhorn West Side Institutional Synagogue
3:45AM Q &A - with the Aish Rabbis All Aish Rabbis  Aish NY 
3:45AM Constructing Utopia: Torah study and Torah practice in Maimonides and Others" Abe Mezrich Ramath Orah/KOE
3:45AM Perspectives On the Holiday of Shavuos” Geoff Dworkin OZ 
4:45AM Shacharis   West Side Institutional Synagogue
4:45AM Outdoor Rooftop Shachris   MJE Jewish Center 10th floor
4:50AM Shacharis   OZ 
4:50AM Shacharis   KOE 

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