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Category: BLOG - Just Frickin' Cool

Kosher Vending Machines: Coming to an Airport Near You

by kosher kitty Posted: 05-29-2007(Viewed 13853 times)

Being kosher can be a bitch sometimes, especially if you travel alot, or like most jews, live outside any metro area. Sure you can find soggy sandwiches at few airports (La Guardia, JFK) and some stadiums (Madison Square Garden, Camden Yards)   but  it still seems that when you are craving a hot kosher meal, it's like the 24th hour of your Yom Kippur fast. That is, until now for your craving for hot spicy fries at 2AM is about to be over. Kosher Vending Industries is out to put kosher food in vending machines across the country, and the catch is, as Paris Hilton says, it will be hot. Every airport, hospital, hotel, amusement park, hillel house will be tapped, as KVI is out to make keeping kosher a peice of cake. (hopefully, that hot explosion chocolate cake girls swoon over) and will be providing vending machines with hot food everywhere very soon.

TABC/JEC grads Alan Cohnen (Teaneck) and Doron Fetman (Monsey) are behind this wacky brilliant idea and have now gotten the financial backing from unlikely partner  Phat Farm's Ruby Azrak to bang out kosher food for the next generation.

Bangitouters can't wait to finally get it while it's hot, and if it is good, this could change the face and stomachs (for the worse) of many kosher travelers.

I only hope that this does not increase the 10 people who die a year from vending machines falling on them (trying to jiggle for stuck food.) You know how cranky we get.

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Bangin' Reader Comments:

From: Kosher Nut
Date: 05-29-2007
Rating: 10

Just wondering how often will they stock these machines?  I mean if I am traveling in nowhereville, I can't see how they will keep this freshly stocked.

Date: 06-07-2007
Rating: 10
Comments: sounds too good to be true... it's hard to beleive but if it is real... kosher life is about to change!!!!!!!!

From: hungry in NYC
Date: 06-08-2007
Rating: 10

this is a killer invention!!!! reminds me of the "jetsons" and how in the future they would push a button a hot dinner instantly comes out of a machine.

From: What kinds of food?
Date: 06-20-2007
Rating: 4
Comments: How will they stay fresh?

From: Mimi
Date: 07-05-2007
Rating: 10

Since when were there sandwiches in LGA (even soggy). LGA is known for cancelling flights, i always get stuck there for a few hours, what store sells them?

From: Andrew Pieri, NY
Date: 09-23-2007
Rating: 1

Hot Kosher Food from a vending machine has taken on a whole new dimension. FKF Vending USA has a kosher vending machine that offers incredible hot food . For FKF Vending USA's menu go to their web site www.fkfvending.com, you will be truelly surprised and happy to see a hot kosher menu that is real food and not just nosh.

The food is fresh not frozen and deffinately not microwaved. The FKF machine has a patented panini hotplate system that heats the baguette sandwiche.

FKF Vending is also planning a new mexican menu and a low carb sandwich.

From: miami
Date: 04-17-2008
Rating: 10

need price for 5machines for florida

thank you


From: New York, NY
Date: 05-20-2008
Rating: 10
Comments: They are restocked almost immediately since they are online and send alerts to the company when certain items are low.

Date: 08-10-2014
Rating: 10
Comments: whats the easyest way to contact someone of this company?

Average Rating:8.3333333333333 out of 10

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