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Category: Top 10

Top Ten Signs Your Jewish Bubbie & Zaydie might be Vampires

by seth Posted: 07-27-2009(Viewed 3512 times)

10. All 3 meals a day consist of a bright red liquid: Borscht. 

9. Heavy yiddish accent, could it be Transylvanian?

8. Skin color is pale white. Heavy red lipstick/blush isn't helping. 

7.  In your mind, they've been alive forever.

6.  Kvetch when exposed to the sun.   

5. A wooden cane is their worst nightmare. 

4. Always serving chopped liver, taugh you to suck out marrow 

3. Seem to sleep heavily all day

2. Picked out their coffin already (parents always saying they have one foot in grave)

1. Teeth come out at night

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Bangin' Reader Comments:

From: michal
Date: 07-28-2009
Rating: 10
Comments: entrance you with gifts and food delights

Average Rating:10 out of 10

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