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Category: Top 10

Top Ten Tashlich Pickup Lines

by Bangitout.com Shana Tova Staff Posted: 09-18-2009(Viewed 4828 times)

10.   I'm sorry is your father a bread baker, cause it's a sin just looking at ya!
9.     Forget being written into the book of life, I just got sealed into the book of Love! 
8.     I'm appauled, did you just say this is "tush-lick"???
7.     I'm confused, we throw our sins to the fish and then we eat fish heads?  I finally know why I'm always feeling guilty.  
6.     On Passover, no bread. On Rosh Hashana, ya throw bread. Baby, seems you are in need of someone to be your Bread'nButter
5.     I don't sleep on Rosh Hashana, but for you, I'll make an exception
4.     Why don't the two of us get a loaf of bread and do something worth repenting for
3.     Reform, Conservative and Orthodox are all here! Care to foster some further relations 
2.     After casting our sins into the depths of the sea, tell me how I can be casted into the depths of your heart
1.     Hi, I'm Mr. Right. Someone in shul said you were praying for me.

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