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Category: Top 10

Top Ten Reasons the Salute To Israel Parade is the same day as the LOST Finale

by weekly bang May 2010 Posted: 05-23-2010(Viewed 1656 times)

10. You see many familiar faces, from flashbackwards & I" YH flash fowards
9. Hope it doesn't end with some annoying partisan political message
8. You practically wonder where does everyone eat or go to the bathroom?
7. Smoke monster actually just the overpriced hotdog grill
6. "See ya in anotha life, brotha" actually refers to moving from the Heights to Riverdale
5. The Others - Neturay Karta
4. 'Man in black' title of the guy you just had twenty minute conversation with but don’t have the foggiest clue on his name
3. In the sea of people, at least 20 versions of Hurley spotted. All wearing khakis. All bald Locke’s wearing srugis.
2. You want to leave, but you have this innate feeling to stay to see what will happen (the answer is nothing).
1. After 2.5 hours of wandering, you feel very tired and 100% lost

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