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Category: Top 10

Top Ten People you will run into at the Israeli Day Parade

by the weekly bang staff Posted: 07-22-2006(Viewed 2547 times)

10. Kahane Chai Dude - decked out in tzitzits & gym tank top who enjoys giving out pamphlets about a militant Jewish group protecting Israel, in Moncey.

9. The Seventh Grade rabbi - Whose overbearing personality single-handedly helped you come to conclusion that there is no G-d.

8 Your Ex-girlfriend - And her new husband and child.

7 The 3rd Date - Couple who awkwardly walks together and hopes they run into others so they wont have to talk to each other

6 High-school Principal - Adorning the school t-shirt over shabbos shirt & tie.

5 x-Superfrum Guy - Once frum, now off the derech, walking hand-in-hand with gentile Asian super model and her Chi wawa

4. Palestinian Protestors - All 8 of them will make it on the cover of the NY times

3. Guy who sweats - not sure who he is, but his wool tzitis are making you glad you used Dial

2. The Guy who is walking the exact route you are at the exact pace - Damn I hate that guy!

1. Person who spends entire day looking for someone else - Trust me, it ain't you.

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