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Category: BLOG - Web Mishpacha

Ayelet Galena Z"L - A Survey of Articles From The Web

by bangitout.com Posted: 02-02-2012(Viewed 7340 times)

Below are a variety of articles covering the wonderous life of Ayelet Galena Z"L, 2 year old daughter of Bangitout founder, Seth Galena & Hindy Poupko.
Very sad time for the bangitout Galena Poupko family and we thank you so much for helping us through this
(Shiva:  75 West End Ave (at 63rd and West End) Apartment P28A until Tuesday Feb 7th  7:45am - 10pm)

Ayelet's Funeral Audio:  here

Eye on Ayelet: The Entire Blog Archive   On Facebook




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Bangin' Reader Comments:

Date: 02-02-2012
Rating: 10
Comments: Ayelet affected us all in so many ways and she will truly be missed. Sending comfort to all who mourn her loss. http://stuckunderababy.com/?p=58 Amy, Highland Park, NJ

Average Rating:10 out of 10

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