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Category: Top 10

Top Ten Jewish Mixed Drinks

by bangiotut.com staff (Weekly Bang 4/5/02) Posted: 07-22-2006(Viewed 2727 times)

10. Shirley Temple Emanuel

 9. Babba Kamma-kazi

 8. Blackhat Russian

 7. Kahuna and Cream

 6. Fuzzy Navel V'Kinor

 5. Shomer-Sangria

 4. Long Island Wisotsky Tea

 3. Tefillah Slurrer

 2. Purum and Joke

 1. Shas on the Beach

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Bangin' Reader Comments:

From: Michael Kellman
Date: 07-22-2006
Rating: 10
Comments: For a related list,
Drinks served at the "Bar - Mitzvah"
1) "Today I am a Man"-hattan
2) Fuzzy Upper Lip
3) Yamakazi

From: Michelle Faerber monsey, ny
Date: 07-22-2006
Rating: 10
Comments: This isn't a drink but H&M- Hometz and Matza

Average Rating:10 out of 10

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