Just some notes around the web about Kosher stuff in NYC and around the world…

 Winner of the Bravo Reality Show Top Chef – Hung Huygh – will be Guest Chef at the Kosher high end Restaurant: SOLO throughout the month of MARCH.  check it here….

and former Jewish Winner of the Bravo Reality Show Top Chef (last season) – Ilan Hall – participated in a cookoff versus the HILLEL chef at the University of Michigan for tzedakah! check it here

NYPost ran a story today about the "Maaris Ayin" issue regarding the Talias Steakhouse Kosher Cheeseburger check it here (says they are selling 20  burgers a night!)

The first Manhattan kosher Subway fast food shop is opening this week near Wall Street. (Thank Hashem) check it here (March 5th opening day – the subway is located at 28 Water Street)

The first east coast kosher Cinnabon opened in Hackensack, NJ check it here (450 Hackensack Avenue and the phone number is 201-487-7600)

That's all for now, we'll let you know when Ashton and Demi start hitting Mike's Bistro again…