based on "Billie Jean " by Michael Jackson

She was more like a Syrian queen in Jordache Jeans
I said let’s go out to eat,
what do you need –
“I like Moroccan” — where will we go, on this date, second round?
She said “I like Moroccan”– How far is Deal? Need sephardic food, where’s Village Crown?

She told me her favorite food was Beef Tajin, as she caused a scene
Every Ashkenazic man turned with eyes of being Sefardy,
she’s tall, dark and frum — Who is that Ashkenzi, with that Syrian chick, walkin into Darna?
Rebbeim always told me,
be careful of Nusach Sefard
Don't go around breaking SY girls' hearts
And Imma always told me be careful of where you eat
And be careful of what you order 'cause Moroccan Food
wasn’t made for you…
Beef Tajin is not what I’d order
It’s just a dish that’s cooked with couscous & plums….
But the food is not my tradition
She said “I am Persian”,
But this spicy stuff ain’t like cholent in Poland

For forty days and forty nights
I needed Pepto by my side
But who can stand when toilet paper is in demand
Her kitnyot on Pesach — 'Cause we going to Florida from Brooklyn,
So take my strong advice, just remember to think twice
(you’ll be eating Pesach rice!)

Beef Tajin is not what I’d order
Beef Tajin is not what I’d order
Beef Tajin is not what I’d order
Beef Tajin is not what I’d order