If You Wanna Be Yeshivish
Written by Mitch Rapp
*sing to tune of Black And White.
I took my baby on a shidduch date
We went to Dougies yeah, that’s where we ate,
Now I believe in miracles,
But I wasn’t getting any that night,   oy yoy!
She said if you wanna be my shidduch you
Gotta dress in Black and White.
I told my Rabbi and said what do I do,
He said don’t worry, she wasn’t for you,
So stop looking for action,
And come to my shuir tonight,    ee hee!
And when you wanna be yeshivish you
gotta dress in Black and White.
I look like a penguin,
I look like a fool,
I got these looks,
When am I gonna give up,
I got this hat,
I got these strings,
I learn all day,
Boy am I fed up.
Learning, the games’ called shtaiging
Causing peace in human relations
It’s a turf war on a gender scale
I’d rather hear both side of the tale
See it’s not about clothing just midot mitzvoth
Where your ruach come from,
It’s your midot I see Black and White not color,
I’m not gonna spend my life being a genre.
So do you agree with me
When I saw you with that evil eye,
I wanna be yeshivish,
So I’m gonna dress in black and white.
Since I wanna be your shidach,
I gotta dress in black and white.   Yeah yeah yeah!
If you wanna look like a Rabbi you,
Gotta dress in black and white.     Yeah yeah yeah!
If you wanna be yeshivish you,
gotta dress in black and white.