NBC News article (Hail to the chief: Americans eyed in search for Britain's top rabbi by Rachel 'Scoop' Elbaum) notes 3 American Rabbis who might be on the short list for next Chief Rabbi of England.   (Though let's face it, there are 3 UK rabbis that might be suitable to go to the next Royals wedding – Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis being top candidate)

Rabbi Chief Lord Jonathan Sacks will be stepping down in September 2013 (and might be hired by Y.U. if Richard Joel can get over his latest bombardment)

Truth be told, Americans really know only a handful of “Lords” and usually they are evil: (e.g. Lord Voldemort, Lord Vader) so it wouldn't be a shock for anyone of these guys to turn down the opportunity of a lifetime…

Here the 3 noted – let's hope they are chosen, we need a hookup to Prince Harry's nuptials:

1.  Rabbi Jonathan Rosenblatt –  Rabbi @ The Riverdale Jewish Center  (Riverdale New York)

2. Rabbi Michael Broyde –  Law Professor rabbi @ Emory (Atlanta Georgia)

3.  Rabbi Meir Soloveichik – Rabbi @ Kehilath Jeshurun NYC (New York, New York)