This WASHINGTON POST article  says the hottest books in the huge emerging book market in China are about making money “The Jewish Way

some of the titles:

  • Jewish Entrepreneurial Experience and Business Wisdom
  • The Legend of Jewish Wealth
  • Jewish People and Business: The Bible of How to Live Their Lives

This is in some ways hysterical…in some ways awesome…..  but most of all just really frightening

I mean it certainly is interesting that the Chinese people are fascinated by Jewish values and Jewish stories – but I think we all know where this type of stereotyping ultimately leads… oy.

Th real scary part of this article is that it highlights that no one really knows who wrote most of these books!  (there are more than 50 titles are sold in China's bookstores, chain stores and other outlets)  Even the hottest author is a man named William Hampton who claims to have

1. Gone to Harvad for his MBA 

2. Editor of Business Week

3. Be very well versed in Judaisim

Doesn't seem to really exist.

The Washington Post researched the author and could not find

a. anyone of that name who atteneded Harvard Business school b. anyone with that name who was Editor at BW c. and the one guy they did find who may have worked at the Magazine claims never to have written anything considering – he ain't even Jewish!  Even the publisher of the book never met the author – they claim to have simply received the manuscript from a translator who never met the author. eeek.  I smell conspiracy. (or some publishers looking to cash in on a hot item)

either way, frightening indeed.  Check the article out HERE

hat tip to A-to the Izza Stein for sending this article into the bang