With the month of Adar kicked off, what better way to get into that Purim mood than with some big Jewish laughs? 

The off-broadway one man show “Circumcise Me” at the Bleecker Street Theate, will 100% provide you with a lot of that.   

I know, I know – most people will immediately roll their eyes when hearing about some chasidic looking guy doing anything showbizzy, but this guy has something a lot different than most of these kvetchy whiney Jewishy broadway shows. 

1. He's actually funny. 2. He actually gets Judaism. 3. He has the awesome perspective of both the outsider and the insider. 4. He's had 3 bris's.

Yisroel Campbell, born Chris Cambell into a Catholic home in suburban Philly, tells his life story about converting to Judaism three times, (reform, conservative, orthodox) and all of the religious hysterics that go along with it and 

The guy nails a lot of the absurdities of Jewish Life and it gets funnier and funnier hearing it from the perspective of a sincere soul-searching Roman Catholic.

As Stephen Colbert puts it, “Yisrael Campbell is the Funniest Roman Catholic Orthodox Jewish comedian in the world. Hurry up and see him before he becomes a Buddhist!”

Tickets are usually $65, but for Bangitout.com Readers you can get tickets for $36 bucks using the bangitout.com code CMMARKET at www.BroadwayOffers.com or call 212-947-8844 or show up at the box office and mention CMMARKET to get 45% off your ticket. The show runs every Wednesday (3pm and 8pm show), Thursday and Saturday Nights (8pm) and Sunday at 4pm and at 7pm.

If you are outside of the New York area, check out the hysterical documentary of “Circumsize Me” which is now playin on The Jewish Channel (channel 528 Time Warner) on Demand.  see the preview below