Visualize a feather floating through the air gracefully and you have an accurate depiction of the musical euphoria that this British trio produces. While listening to this EP, I heard strong allusions to Nick Drake and Galaxie 500 idolatry. The utter beauty of "An Hour Before Light", the first track, brings me to a place where the sun shines through the trees with an embracing warmth. "Bicycles" conjures my own fond memories of riding a bicycle (with training wheels) on a beautiful spring day. Nostalgia like this only comes from photo albums. Now, I had the fortunate luck to see them perform at their free show in NYU (I believe it was the trio's first show in the States) and I was quite moved by their simplicity.

The songs on the EP translate incredibly well in concert. But unlike the aforementioned artists, the Clientele sticks to its simplicity. There are no horns, saxophones, or strings – just guitar, drums and bass. And while it is a pleasant journey on a four song EP, I can see it being a bit redundant and monotonous on a full length (which is reportedly coming out in November). I would be glad to eat my words, though, if they prove me wrong. But in the meantime, buying this EP would be appropriate now. Because this is what the fall sounds like.