Details Magazine has a story on the surprising rise of the J.I.L.F  after  “Jewish girls” ranked second among kinks on porn blog Fleshbot  (the winner: “freckles”) 

The story has a few quotes from raised-frum pornstar  Joanna Angel (nebech on klal yisroel) as well as her 7 dos and don'ts to land the perfect JILF.   (The girl was raised in Bergen county and worked at Teaneck kosher restaurants, hahaha) 

We liked the line about “not mentioning Jesus” so true. 

Anyhoo, the story is idiotic and filled with the Frum fetishes and how shaitels in porn are the new catholic school girl.   Hello Traumatizing.

check it here:

The Rise of the JILF:

Dos and Don'ts 

Brings to mind our own Top Ten Jewish Porn Names and Top Ten Jewish Stripper Names

(hat tip to Beth P. for the submission)