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Date(s) - 07/13/2017 - 07/28/2017
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If you’re gearing up to throw the best party of your life soon, using a party theme is a great way to make everything a little more fun and enjoyable. We’ve put together ten of the best party theme choices.

1. Poker Night

When it comes to classic party themes, you really can’t go wrong with a poker night. Even if you’re not a big fan of gambling or don’t for religious reasons, you can still throw a fun, poker-themed party without having to place any bets.  Take this fun quiz too to find out what type of poker players you and your friends are.

2. Back to School

This party theme is definitely a firm favourite with university and college students, where participants dress up in their best school uniform outfit, often finishing off the look with a pair of ‘geeky’ glasses and a few painted on freckles. Back to school is a fun party theme if you’re a student, or simply want to have some youthful fun.

3. Beach Party

If you’re planning to throw a party during the summer or just want to feel a little bit warmer during the winter months, a beach party can be a fantastic idea. Have your guests dress up in their most glamourous swimwear and serve the kind of fruity cocktails that you’d expect to find on a tropical island beach.

4. Movie Themes

Movie themes are one of the best choices for any kind of party, since there are thousands of great movies to choose from when it comes to inspiration for your night. For example, you might want to throw a Disney themed night where everyone comes dressed as their favourite Disney character, or if you’re throwing a Halloween party, why not consider a horror movie theme, such as Scream or Saw?

5. Time Eras

Choosing a specific time era as a theme for your party can definitely produce some fun and interesting results. For example, if you’re hoping for a bright, bold party with plenty of cheesy old tunes, opting for a 60’s or 70’s themed party is a great idea!

6. Travel

If you love to travel, why not use your favourite destination as a theme for your next party? For example, you could throw a French or Italian themed party, or perhaps even use the USA as inspiration for your fun event.

7. Childhood Favourites

Another party theme which is popular with university students is the ‘childhood favourites’ theme. Everyone likes to be reminded of the fun they had as kids sometimes, and this theme, where everyone dresses up as their favourite childhood character, is definitely a fun way to do that.

8. Black Tie

If you’re throwing a dinner party or simply want your event to be that little bit more sophisticated, opting for a black tie theme is a great idea. This is definitely an ideal choice of theme for anyone who needs an excuse to dress up in their best suit and party the night away like royalty.

9. Gaming

If you’d say that you’re a bit of a gamer geek and tend to throw parties with likeminded people, why not use this hobby as a fun way to entertain your guests? You could even throw a party where everyone comes dressed as game characters!

10. Masquerade

Last but not least, there’s something quite romantic and classy about a masquerade party that you simply can’t get with any other theme!

Which theme is your favourite? Let us know in the comments.