Australians Love the Pokies, But Horse Race Wagering Pays Better

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Date(s) - 05/18/2019 - 08/08/2019
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Australians do love a bit of gambling, whether it’s buying lotto tickets, scratchies, going to the casino, sports betting, or having a punt on the ponies. One of the most popular games Aussies love to sink their money into is poker machines at the local club.

There’s just something about poker machines that attract the masses. Part of the allure, of course, is the chance of winning a jackpot, but I think pokies are just comfortable and relaxing to play.

You get to sit down with a drink and a container of coins, kick back, feed some money into the machine and press a couple of buttons. It’s both fun and laid back, no stress.

While that’s all pretty cool, and there’s nothing wrong with spending a few dollars this way, if the goal is to have the odds more in your favour to actually win money, then people are far better off placing some money down on horse racing rather than a totally random poker machine.

There are an estimated 200,000 poker machines in the country, and out of around $24 billion dollars Australians lose on gambling each year, well more than half of that money gets lost through the pokies.

There are several issues with poker machines. One is that they can chew through your money so quickly without really paying out anything much. Secondly, there are no tactics you can employ to try and reduce the odds so you have a chance of making a profit.

It’s all a matter of feeding in bunches of coins, pressing a button and hoping for the best. The only true way to potentially make a profit is to have lady luck shine down on you in a big way and give you a jackpot, and that doesn’t happen very often.

Poker machines are computerized and they’re programmed to only pay out a certain percentage compared to the amount of cash put through them.

In other words, they’re programmed so the house always makes a profit no matter what.

You’re playing a losing game right from the outset when playing the pokies.

When it comes to wagering on the horses, while nothing is guaranteed, at least punters have plenty of information at their disposal to try and accurately pick the winning horse.

As an example, if you go through the form guide for this year’s Melbourne Cup horses, there’s plenty of info available for you to, as a punter, make informed choices before putting your money down on the race.

That’s the greatest advantage punting on the ponies has over all other forms of gambling-related activities in Australia. If you are willing to learn and do your research, you can seriously develop wagering strategies that have a far greater chance of paying dividends.

You’re also free to learn as much as you want, can place a whole variety of different bets, put systems in place and really reduce your odds.

Even though you can, to some degree, devise certain strategies in an attempt to win at various casino games, casinos frown on that sort of activity and will remove you from the premises and place a ban on you because of it.

With horse racing you can study the form of a horse, how it performs over certain distances, whether it fares better on a dry track or wet track, who the jockey is riding the horse, how successful the trainer is and the list goes on.

While betting on horse racing is certainly a form of gambling, unless you’re just placing random bets with no knowledge whatsoever, you can make educated wagers that will definitely give you a much better chance of picking a winner.

Other sports betting is the same. There is form and track records to go by. That’s why sports betting is so popular. The payoffs might not be as big as things like the lotto, but you have a much better chance of winning, and winning regularly.

How often can you win first division lotto, or pull off that big jackpot playing the pokies?

Both are actually a rare event, yet many people make a living from being professional horse racing punters.