Creating A Life Of Legacy in Interview With Rabbi Mark Wildes

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Date(s) - 03/13/2017
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Rabbi Daniel Cohen in Interview with Rabbi Mark Wildes

“This book is a beacon of light and a touchstone for the timeless values of leading a purposeful life.” –– Senator Joseph Lieberman

There is a moment in all of our lives when we experience a wake-up call. We have all had moments when a death, a near miss, or a sudden change of luck jolts us into a different perspective. In these flashes of insight, referred to by Rabbi Daniel Cohen as “inner earthquakes” in What Will They Say About You When You Are Gone? Creating a Life of Legacy, we know the essence of a life well lived. We understand what matters, and remember the things most important and valuable to us. In our daily existence, however, these things tend to fade. Sometimes all it takes is a phone call or text message and we are again consumed by our everyday problems, the inspiration to act on our own lives and legacies gone like a cloud on a breezy summer day.

What if we could develop a strategy for living that would insure a life of influence and impact, while simultaneously motivating us to live in the moment? To rise above these distractions and tap into the best version of yourself, you need to unpack the details that make up your daily existence. You need to reconsider everything you’ve surrounded yourself with and decide what to keep, what to lose, and what to do differently. This is referred to as “Reverse Engineering,” and Rabbi Daniel Cohen points the way to help you reflect on the life you want to lead.

Rabbi Cohen’s unique blend of authenticity, wisdom, and spiritual insight draws on real life stories to teach valuable lessons. Written in an engaging and captivating style, the chapters chronicle the seven principles to Reverse Engineering your life, including:
· Discovering your “Elijah Moment:” harnessing potential in every encounter to establish a connection and to make someone’s day
· Making courageous choices that reflect your core values in life
· Seizing meditative moments and find a sacred space to pause and rediscover purpose
· Creating memories and celebrating the gift of every moment
· Finding faith
· Living inspired and attuned to sacred moments every day
· Discovering your renewable energy to draw on your infinite potential
While Cohen is an Orthodox rabbi, What Will They Say About You When You’re Gone? is intended for people of all faiths and traditions. The lessons he has learned and shared through experience, faith, and the stories of others encourage readers to rise above the monotony of daily life and to set out on the path to becoming their best selves. Rabbi Cohen has provided the toolbox you need Reverse Engineer your life so that the person you are today more closely resembles the higher self you aspire to be— the person you hope will be remembered.

Whether a mentor, guide, cheerleader, or motivator, Rabbi Daniel Cohen possesses a unique blend of authenticity, wisdom, and spiritual insight for contemporary society. His personal experience as a Rabbi, sharing hundreds of life affirming moments from birth to death, cultivating thousands of years of Jewish wisdom and as a husband and father of six daughters, combined with his humor and humanity, provide him with a compelling narrative and navigational guide of your life. Rabbi Cohen has served in the rabbinate for over twenty years and currently serves as senior Rabbi at Congregation Agudath Sholom in Stamford, CT, the largest modern orthodox synagogue in New England. He is also co-host with Reverend Greg Doll of the nationally syndicated radio show “The Rabbi and the Reverend” Sunday evenings at 9 PM. He speaks frequently on leading a life of legacy. Rabbi Cohen and Diane are the grateful parents of six daughters.

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