Different types of gravestones


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Gravestones keep memories of a departed person alive for many years. A perfect one should mirror the things your loved one valued in life and also how they lived. During this time when someone is gone, the one who is left behind has so many things going through their mind. When you are confused on what to do after someone has passed, first go to the cemetery management, they will aid you on whatever procedure you need to do next. They will let you know which headstones are allowed and what is illegal. A proper gravestone contains images or texts to make it unique. Each letter must be chosen carefully because it counts and determines how the tombstone looks like when it’s complete.  Here are some types of gravsteiner that you can choose from:

Upright Gravestone

The upright headstone is popular and the most known traditional design.  They are created from marble, limestone or granite and fixed on the ground using concrete.  They are about 30 inches wide, 40 inches high and 6 inches deep.

Flat gravestones

The flat gravestone is also known as flat-markers or flat tablets. These gravestones are made of granite or bronze. If you choose to go for granite, make sure you select the color that you find most appealing.  They are given different finishes and are available in various sizes. Some are a bit raised or slanted while others are just flat and straightforward. Visit https://www.gravsteingrossisten.no/ to know more about the flat gravestones.

Kerbed Headstones

Kerbed gravestones also referred as ledger markers, come with a full length with at least 4 inches thickness.  They have ample space for you to write a personalized message. They can be combined with bevel and slant markers to give you loved a memorable gravestone.

Slant Marker

A slant market gravestone is also known as the slanted headstone, cemetery slant or slanting memorial marker. It has a big base that angles up about 45 degrees and has a tapered top.  This headstone has a tapered top, is sometimes mistaken with the upright gravestone. The main difference is that a slanted tombstone is shorter and thicker than the upright one.

Bevel marker

A bevel marker is also called pillow marker and resembles the slanted marker. However, it has a less steep angle. Its back is raised between two and four inches making it a little higher than the front edge. It looks like the flat marker, but it’s installed several inches above the surface.

Ledger Marker

This is a thick slab that covers the whole grave. It can be combined with other memorial gravestones.  The ledger marker is made of sandstone, marble or granite.

Standard tablet stones

Standard tablet stones come in a rectangular shape and can be placed on the ground directly. They come in different designs such as dome-shaped top. But they are all set directly to the ground

Standard simple tablet stones are rectangular and can be set directly in the ground, on a base or into a base. Domed tablet stones have a somewhat round, or dome-shaped top.


Obelisks come in a tall shape, and they are originally from Egypt. They have a pointed top which is decorated with a structure such as a statue or a pyramid.