Experience of Becoming a Parent for the First Time


Date(s) - 10/04/2018 - 10/31/2018
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Apart from the bliss what parenthood is all about, you also need to discuss the problems that come along with it. For a woman who is embracing womanhood or motherhood for the first time, the very complication is periods!!!! Yes, the immense blood which occurs after delivering a child is not something small. It gives Goosebumps to those girls who re-think about it. But, with the advancement in technology, we have come a lot far. You have a lot of products to help girls who experience periods for the first time or woman who experience periods after their child delivery or just anyone.

Knixteen Boyshort- The Right Aid During Your Periods

The Knixteen boyshort is a gift that a husband can give to his wife. It is the gift that every woman needs for her health, safety, comfort and confidence. During the days of those heavy bleeding, when you continuously need to change your sanitary pads from time to time, Knixteen boyshort gives you the comfort to avoid inevitable leakages, bad odor and sweating and moisture. Thus, all in all you can stay confident no matter where you are.

Often you see girls experience their periods amidst their school hours or in their playtime or while they are at a movie or sleepover. Well, nothing will seem like a problem to you when you already have worn knixteen boyshort. These period panties are designed to prevent such embarrassing situations where you can just be yourself and be free no matter what time of the month it is.

New mothers specifically are very worried about their periods when they experience their first period after their delivery. If you have any such issue, then just feel free to wear knixteen period shorts and you will not face any such situation in your life. The underwear is drier and feels much better in comparison to disposable pads. Its quick drying and moisture absorbing technology makes it a loving product for woman, girls and everyone! It will add more confidence to you and you can literally do anything even in those uncomfortable days of the month.

If you have not given it a try, then you should definitely give it a trial. So, just place your order and get it delivered right at your doorsteps and enjoy yourself even during your period time. Life will be easier and simpler for you even in those uncomfortable and problematic days.