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Date(s) - 04/08/2019 - 04/30/2019
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Home is the place which people want to spend their time and live the way they want. It is also important for you to understand how to keep your house safe and secured for you to enjoy and cherish those moments that you stay at home. Many accidents which may happen in your home can be safeguarded if you start paying attention to safety precautions. Below listed are some of the best tips that we can suggest you follow to avoid any accidents at your home:

–    Well-furnished flooring, halls, rooms, and stairways – You should understand the importance of using the best quality of blocks of cement or ingredients while building your house, which in turn contributes a lot in safekeeping your house. You must put carpets on the floor and make sure it’s not worn, to avoid damaging your floor work, which gradually gets slippery as days pass by. Steps must be built in good conditions, allowing us to pass through it, with ease and smoothly. Do not block your step by placing objects which may prove to be dangerous for you, during emergencies. There should be proper lightings, visual indicators and non-skid strips on the steps to avoid any accidents. Handrails must be properly designed and shaped to hold the weight of your body properly, and also should be securely installed.

–    Electrical and wirings – This is the most important factor that you should focus on if you are constructing your house. There are a lot of dangers associated with electricity and if not worked properly, it may cause serious fatal issues as well. Electrical appliances, electric cords, the lighting of your house and any other appliances dealing with electricity must be in their best conditions to use. Bulbs or tubes should be exposed directly to the electricity which can easily be accessed by you. Electric outlets placed in kitchens or bathrooms, which may get exposed to water easily, should be sealed with insulators appropriately to avoid direct contact. Do not leave the switch turned on while leaving the house because if you do so, it may result in a short circuit and it may possibly burn your house down.

–    Fire Safety – Make sure to have a proper budget to install fire alarms, visual alarm or enhanced detectors which can sense the fire and reduce it easily with immediate effect. If you smoke, do not in the kitchen as the room has a lot of inflammable. It is advisable to smoke e-cigarettes within the house, which doesn’t burn tobacco. Smoking may lead to your house burning. You can even buy space jam e-liquid online and save a lot of money on vaping. Buying space jam e-liquid and storing it is quite commonplace for a lot of people who vape. It is recommended that you do not vape using the space jam e-liquid near accessories which can easily catch fire. Make sure you use the best quality of smoke alarms, smoke detectors, visual alarms or enhanced audio devices which can detect and warn you immediately.

–    Communications – Make sure to have proper communication channels at your home. All of us know and understand that mobile phones have made our lives easier, but is always advised to keep a landline at your home, in case of emergencies or network failures. Keep emergency phone numbers, addresses or any other information handy that may help you in case of emergencies. It is also advised to place the emergency contact numbers or addresses next to your phone so that you can easily access them when needed.

–    Doors, windows, and furniture: It’s quite important for you to ensure that you build doors and windows with high-quality wood, in order to safeguard your house. Make sure that your doors and windows are strong enough to handle extreme pressure and don’t break easily, giving access to thieves. Proper usage of locks and handles are also important to secure your house. Do not overcrowd your house by buying a lot of furniture which may obstruct your movements within the rooms. Buy appropriate and good furniture which meets your expectation and which provides you with enough comfort. Also, keeping safety in mind, it is advisable to polish your furniture with certain chemicals, so that it doesn’t catch fire easily.