How to hire event staff? 4 general tips

posts by roseoliver

Date(s) - 06/26/2017
12:00 am

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Have you noticed that the success of your event always depends on the event staff you hire? Actually, it can be something new for you and you have never used such service. Anyway, as a modern person, you should understand how important event staffing is. But you probably want that your choice will be the best. Your participants will have a blast at your next event only if you find the perfect agency and location to set the right mood. So, here you can find a few general tips which will help you to hire event staff members that can relate to your audience, not turn them off.

1) Find staff which will represent your brand’s image

You should understand that people who will be working on your seminar, promotion, conference or exhibition have to do more than just smile and answer questions. They have to present your brand from the best side. It will help you to build new relationships with potential clients. Moreover, it was said that the new brand in the event world in Toronto is experiential marketing. It means that promotional events play the great role in building a positive reputation about your brand.

2) Read recommendations and ask friends

Probably some of your friends have already experienced hiring event staff. The first-hand experience of a close friend should make the selection process easier. But maybe you don’t have people who can recommend you something. In this case you can start searching for reviews by yourself. Try to look at profiles of different agencies. You should rely on companies which have something to tell or show. For example, you can visit a website of company which is offering event staffing. There you can get more information about the recent experience of the company and about services which are available.

3) Find people that have worked in the specific field before

You perfect variant is the event staff which had a little experience in a certain industry. They may have specific experience and know the value of a specific audience. Also, this experience means that the team has some connections in this precise area.

4) Interview and talk a little bit with event staffing

It is similar to any kind of job. You should have a small interview with several agencies. Maybe, a short phone conversation or a Skype call will be enough. Anyway, you should get a general view of their personalities. If you’re interviewing multiple agencies you should create a checklist or list of possible questions. Ask about work background, knowledge of your business or product, notable events, availability and flexibility and willingness to advocate for your brand.

Of course, this list of tips can be much longer. It all depends on your specific and needs which you have. No doubt, hiring a professional event staff will give more advantages than you expected earlier.