How To Make A Twitter Bot In Five Minutes

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Date(s) - 03/14/2019 - 10/10/2019
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In the modern era we know all too well that Twitter is evermore becoming a powerful marketing tool. The thing with Twitter is that you have to know what to and what not to do. Your Twitter can soon go from being a success to being listed as Spam, so I have composed a list of tips that will help you in twitter ai bot.

Favorable Tips

  1. Your content is an asset

Everything you post on Twitter is an asset, a reflection on you and your personality. Posting top quality and informative content is vital to maintaining that “Buzz” around your Twitter and vital to gaining an engaged audience.

  1. Engaging

If you see a tweet that you think you could answer or you have an opinion on, then engage with that user. Tweet your response and give that user a mention. If they’re happy with your response, they may re-tweet or favorite your tweet. Giving your twitter more exposure and as a result building up your virtual reputation.

  1. Follow Back

The follow back is essential to gaining an active community on Twitter, when deciding if to follow back a user you will be best having a look at the users Bio and a few of their tweets. If they look like the sort of person you would interact with, follow them back and give them a mention.

  1. Twitter Lists

Once you’ve started to build up a following on Twitter and you’ve started to follow users you will soon notice that your feed gets full of Tweets. This problem can be overcome by using Twitter Lists, these lists are used to list people with similar interests, from the same town, your family and your friends all into separate lists. So you can see the tweets you want to see when you want to see them, without seeing all of them at the same time.

  1. Follow Friday

Follow Friday is a very powerful tool, every Friday we recommend you tweet some of your most interacted users that you think your followers would like and interact with. Using the following format:

If you get tweeted a tweet containing #FF or #FollowFriday then you should say thank you to the user which in turn gains you more exposure.

Things to avoid

  1. Linkitis

Linitis is a common word used to describe the effect of posting loads of links. When you post loads of links in your tweets you risk becoming listed as Spam in search engines and getting blacklisted by Google.

  1. Auto Follow

Using Auto Follow gives you a little buzz at the time, but leaves you with no long term benefit. You also risk your account being labelled as Spam and getting automatically banned by Twitters Spam Bots.

  1. Scheduled Tweets

Using scheduled tweets isn’t advisable because the idea of Twitter is to post whats happening when it’s happening. Which is why your followers follow you, to know what you’re doing. Although, Scheduled Tweets aren’t always negative if you have something you know would go viral at a specific time of the day, then using a scheduled tweet for that would be highly effective.