How to select the right glass type in the Toronto area?

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Date(s) - 07/19/2017
12:00 am

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One day it will come to your minds that it is time to replace old windows. You can be sure that you will be surprised by the myriad of options available. Believe or not, the windows industry has been changing a lot since the past century. These developments have made our homes more energy efficient than we could have ever dreamed of. So, if you have in plans to replace windows in Burlington or read more about contractors of Richmond Hill windows, consider choosing the right windows glass. This short guideline can give a hint for you.

Let’s talk about factors which have an influence on the quality of the glass. First of all, U-factors play a great role in the insulating value of windows and other fenestration products. How does it really work? If U-factors are lower, you home will be more protected from heat and cold. But don’t mix this thing with R-value which evaluates insulation’s ability to resist heat traveling through it. U-factors do matter in all types of a climate. So, if you live in the region where the summer is really hot and maintaining the air-conditioning is important, pay attention to windows with a lower solar heat gain coefficient. For example, those people who are going to replace windows in Burlington should ask about this factors their contractor.

There are also several types of a glass type: clear, low-e, heat absorbing, reflective. Clear glass is the most popular choice. But this material is not so efficient as a low-e glass. This type of a glass is extremely thin and reflects a high percentage of heat. It can allow the sun’s heat and light to pass through the glass into the home, while at the same time blocking heat from escaping the room, considerably reducing heat loss. What about a heat-absorbing type? Usually, it has gray, green or bronze tints which reduce heat gain by absorbing as much as 45 percent of the incoming solar energy. The reflective glass has probably the same function. It helps to reduce the passage of light and solar transmittance year-round.

The next thing is glass layers and air spaces. You have a possibility to choose one, two or three panes of glass for their new windows. If you go for a single-pane glass, it will provide only a thin barrier to the outside elements with very little insulating value, as evidenced by its high U-Factor. On the contrary, multiple panes increase a window’s ability to resist heat flow

Finally, when you have a little idea about your new windows, it is time to find the best contractor in your area. So, if you are going to replace Richmond Hill windows, it is worth to book an appointment with one of the managers of a company because now it is a really hot time when people do some repairations at their homes.