Living Conditions on an Offshore Oil Rig

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Date(s) - 04/17/2019 - 04/30/2019
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The idea of working on an oil rig is interesting for some people due to the high salary and ability to live an adventure. However, the operation of heavy industrial equipment always comes with absolute risk, and oil is a hazard that can easily combust and creates havoc.

On the other hand, the most significant factor when it comes to working relied fatalities and injuries is fatigue due to long hours of work.

It is vital to remember that onshore oil and gas operations also come with specific risks, such as transportation of equipment and materials and ability to injure yourself due to excessive fatigue.

Sleeping on offshore living quarters means that you have to deal with heavy and strict conditions that will surround yours for a few weeks of working. Therefore, it is challenging for people, especially newcomers to work in such an environment and living condition.

Going on oil rig means that you have to isolate yourself, and if you have never been on the ocean, it is a risk that you have to take. The combination of harsh weathers such as extreme cold and hot periods tend to frighten people during their first time.

You have to remember that these conditions tend to vary based on the specific job position that you land. It is essential, to be honest with you and to understand that jobs on oil rigs are different from those on dry land in numerous ways.

However, working conditions are advancing in the last decade, and finally, you will be able to enjoy more exciting and comfortable life than a few decades back.

Living Conditions

We have mentioned above that working on an offshore oil rig can be dangerous and risky, but the process has become much more comfortable a few years back, and it still is.

As soon as helicopter transport you in the middle of the ocean and on the offshore rig, you will have to take your work gear and start the shift or check when you are working.

You will always find a drilling unit catering personal so that you can get daily practical requirements. They will handle assignments such as cleaning, cooking, and washing so that you can enjoy in relaxation after you finish with your shift.

You can also enjoy several leisure activities, but things tend to vary from unit to unit. Most advanced oil rigs feature comfortable areas such as fitness rooms and SPAs in which you can enjoy in your spare time.

You will be able to play games with your colleagues and watch moves or only rest in a room by sleeping and enjoying until your shift comes. Have in mind that most oil rigs come with smoking zones where you will get safety matches that will allow you to smoke with safety.

Oil rigs feature cinema and televisions in all rooms as well as indoor sporting activities and gyms so that you can play with your colleagues and reduce the strain and stress from work by letting your mind at ease.

You will also have access to internet connection and computers as well as other benefits that will help you enjoy all the way. If you wish to become an oil rig worker, you should visit this link: for more information.

It is vital to understand that oil rigs tend to operate 24 hours a week and every single worker will have to work either daytime or nighttime shift that will last 12 hours each.

Oil rigs will offer you services such as daily laundry, unlimited food, as well as house cleaning services so that you can enjoy.

The best thing about oil rigs and the primary reason for their popularity among workers is their attractive pay packages that you will earn as you carry out the work you do.

Offshore workers that are in charge of drilling, construction, and metallurgy will have assistants, and their work is the toughest because it is under harsh weather conditions that are outside.

On the other hand, more respectable jobs on oil rigs are geologist and engineers, because you have to carry out tasks from offices and inside the rig platform. Finally, executive staff and administrative employees will work in the most comfortable conditions in offices.

As you can see, living conditions have significantly improved since the oil industry started to dig offshore, and the main reason for that is to maintain your productivity and efficiency by allowing you to rest after working hours.