Questions to Ask Tenants Looking to Rent Your Property

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Date(s) - 03/26/2019 - 04/24/2019
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People looking to rent a new apartment or house have to go through a long process to get into a new home, and landlords are required to go through just as much work to find the right tenants. Their ability to find the right candidates comes from asking the questions that provide the information needed for a proper renter.

If you’re a landlord, the list of questions below will allow you to figure out which tenants are best for your property. These options relate to their ability to keep up with payments and keep the home in shape. Here are questions you need to ask tenants who are looking to rent your property.

Have you ever been evicted?

The tenants that you can trust the most are usually the ones that have a good history of taking care of their home. You should ask prospective renters if they have ever been evicted from a home. If they have, and they don’t provide a reasonable explanation, then you should think twice about entering into a deal with them.

Have them go through a tenant screening process so that you can find any information that they might have not mentioned in your interview. This could include having disputes with previous landlords or not keeping the rental clean.

Why are you moving?

If the tenant answers “no” to your first question, then the next thing to figure out is why they are moving and specifically looking at your properties. The most legitimate reasons that most people have for moving is a change in their career or a need for a home that has more space for them or their family. Damage from a weather disaster can also be a reason to need a new home.

You should pay attention if the tenant says things such as “my landlord and I just don’t get along,” or “my landlord terminated my lease,” especially if they don’t go into details of why. The best way to go in this scenario is to contact the previous landlord to see what happened. Other good reasons for wanting to move include being closer to family and friends or a general interest in the neighborhood.

What is your monthly income?

It’s also important that your tenants are able to afford staying at your houses or apartments. When you ask them what their monthly income is, keep in mind that their answer should be two to three times what the monthly rent is. This gives tenants a better chance to afford extra expenses such as living expenses, student loans, medical expenses, and car repairs.

If you want to be sure that they can make the payments, then we recommend running a credit check on them so that you can make sure that they are giving you the whole story. They may be leaving out debt and other financial issues that can get in the way of paying bills.

How many people will be living with you?

Being a landlord means handling property that is designed for multiple numbers of renters. When dealing with prospective tenants, you need to be sure of how many people they are bringing along with them when they move in. It will be easier for you to provide the space to accommodate their needs.

It also helps to figure out if any members of the group smoke. You’ll need to emphasize whether you allow vaping with products such as exxus mini. If so, then you should advise them to use those and similar products that are less likely to get through the walls.

Also, if the renter is bringing family or friends with them, then it helps to know what each person does for a living so that you know if you can count on them to keep up with payments.

Do you have pets?

Whether or not you accept animals will determine how quickly you are able to find people who can fill up your property. If you don’t, then you need to explain to prospective renters the allergies to cats, dogs, birds, and other animals that current renters in the complex have so that they can figure out which apartments are best suited for them.

If you do accept pets, then you should explain the rules you have regarding how big the pets can be and how many you allow onto the property. It’s also important that they know of any fees or deposits that they might need to pay if they decide to rent with you. Including this in your screening will also help them figure out how big of a space they should rent.

Ask these questions right away so that you can enjoy a healthy relationship with your tenants.