Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach Australia

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Date(s) - 04/17/2019 - 04/27/2019
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Bells Beach, Victoria


Rip Curl Pro, historically known as Bells Beach Surf Classic, is an international surfing competition. It has been functioning annually in the Easter season since 1961 at Bells Beach near the vicinity of Torquay, Victoria. Flashing back to 1840s, this land was previously discovered by John Calvert Bell for pastoral activities. During the 1930s, many surfers used to frequently visit the beach to enjoy sports in the strong waves. Later in the 1960s, Joe Sweeney, former Olympic wrestler, took the charge of constructing routes to the Bell Beach. The struggles led to the happening of the first surfing contest in 1962. Due to its widespread fame, it received the recognition of professional competition in 1973. Being a globally prestigious and notable sports contest, it has been sponsored by several brands and companies. Amazingly, it was also subsidized by the well-known Australian music brand, Australian Crawl. Professional female and male surfers passionately compete to earn the most esteemed surfing award of the world, the Rip Curl Pro Bell. It also holds a distinction in the World Tour record as the longest continuously running surf contest.

RIP Curl Pro 2019 – When And How?

The Rip Curl 2019’s contest is scheduled on Wed, Apr 17, 2019, and will last till Sat, Apr 27, 2019, at the same location, Bells Beach, Victoria. It will be the second event of the year 2019 of the World Surf League (WSL) World Tour. The location has been divided into four major breaks The Bowl, Outside Bells, Rincon, and Centreside. It will be the second competition of 2019’s World Surf League (WSL) World Tour. The cost of the ticket is 25 dollars and will be directly served on the entrance gates on Apr 17, 2019. Shuttle services will be available between the routes of Bells beach and Torquay.

Memorable Relishes of the Audience In The Famous Rip Curl Pro

When Easter bells start ringing, Surfers from the circumference of the world commemorate the spirit of the Easter Bells Classic competition. People have also termed it as the pilgrimage of people to the Australian coast for enchantment and savoring. A major quota of Australian spending habits is occupied by the expenses of the sports events like Grand Prix and Rip Curl Pro. Thousands of people descend to the beach as a minor trip or vacation, hence, getting relieved from a stressful life. Discounts are effortlessly availed by people for conveyance to the beach and far through shuttle services. Most of the people spend quality time in the nearby restaurants and cafes with their squads as the majority of food points run affordable coupons to earn maximum sales. Many brands and online stores set their gears of discount and coupon offers on sports apparels like leggings, joggers, and tops. Sports brands further entertain the competition by serving exciting discounts up to 50 percent on sports attires and accessories like boardshorts, surfboards, sports costumes, sunnies, and beach-friendly footwears. If are wishing to be one of the attendants for this upcoming competition in the month of April, you may contact any traveling or tour agency as they regularly run deals of discounted tickets.

Some Astounding Statistics and Facts of The Rip Curl Pro Contest

Year Winner Score
2018 Italo Ferreira(BRA) 15.66
2017 Jordy Smith(SA) 18.90
2016 Matt Wilkinson(AUS) 17.37
2015 Mick Fanning(AUS) 15.27
2014 Mick Fanning(AUS) 16.83
2013 Adriano De Souza(BRA) 16.26
2012 Mick Fanning(AUS) 18.80
2011 Joel Parkinson(AUS) 18.53
2010 Kelly Slater(USA) 17.03
Year Winner Score
2018 Stephanie Gilmore(AUS) 16.33
2017 Courtney Conlogue (USA) 17.00
2016 Courtney Conlogue(USA) 16.53
2015 Carissa Moore(HAW) 14.00
2014 Carissa Moore(HAW) 15.73
2013 Carissa Moore(HAW) 11.00
2012 Sally Fitzgibbons(AUS) 10.76
2011 Sally Fitzgibbons(AUS) 16.77
2010 Stephanie Gilmore(AUS) 14.67


The lead for the year 2018 was achieved by outstanding surfers Italo Ferreira and Mick Fanning from Brazil and Australia respectively. Italo Ferreira scored 15.66 while Mick Fanning achieved 12.83. Their highest recorded surfing score ranged between 12 and 16. Due to the high spirits of winning, the 2016 contest was much spectacular and nail-biting. Among the male surfers, the 1st position was earned by Matt Wilkinson from Australia, 2nd by Jordy Smith from South Africa, and 3rd by Italo Ferreira, a Brazilian. The competition among the sportswomen was also striking and Courtney Conlogue from the United States rocked the first division. 2nd and 3rd divisions were scored by the Australian Sally Fitzgibbons and Hawaiian Carissa Moore. In 2017, Jordy Smith won by the wave score of 18.90 while Caio Ibelio lagged with 17.46 wave scores. The competition was categorized into 5 rounds, each with heat of 12 or 5.

Massive Contribution of Rip Curl Pro For The Sports Community

Such large scale surging games have given immense tribute to the sports culture around the globe. It has helped in the redevelopment process of social and economic conditions of the country and world at large. It facilitates the business of the brands of sports apparels, accessories, and travel companies as the humongous crowd avail the products and services during this Easter surfing season. Surfing freaks can easily access surfing tools and practices, hence being a part of sustainable sports initiatives. It is an effective way of connecting athletes, divers, and surfers belonging to different nations and tribes. It provides assistance in improving the economies of the countries, increases the employment rate, and boost regional tourism. In a nutshell, it binds numerous communities of the world together for the expansion and development of surfing sports.