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Date(s) - 04/12/2019 - 04/30/2020
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Watches are one of the great fashions from many years and people love to wear it according to the occasions. It is an essential part of jewelry that both men and women love to wear. The world of watches is improving and increasing its popularity day by day. There are lots of brands that are providing different styles in watches according to the trend. Rolex is one of them who is a great company from decades known as the best inventor of beautiful watches.

Rolex Submariner:

The Rolex Submariner is one of the most popular watches in the world that are preferred by most people to wear on different occasions. You will always get this watch in the first place which is not like the other timepieces. It combines two different types of properties; it is one luxury watch along with the professional equipment’s piece. For decades it is tested and tried under really difficult conditions. It is not only proven itself as the use of underwater infect it earn a nickname that is “Mother of all diving watches” It creates an achievement for these watches.

Origin of Legend:

In the year 1940, some of the changes happened in the underwater world such as the first underwater film was made Jacques-Yves Cousteau. The underwater breathing apparatus was made it really convenient to dive into unattainable depths as compared to previous. For a human, the risk in this very dangerous environment was persisted. However, the supply of air was very safe but the decompressions risk of accidents was remained really high. Under the high pressure of ambient of the greater depth, the excessive nitrogen saturation was possible to be avoided by the control of diving times. Here the accurate, reliable and best underwater wristwatch was needed.

In Mid 1920:

Rolex has introduced the first underwater watch whose performance was really a sensation. It was a great technical innovation which had a bezel, bold casing and a screw down winding crowns. The ten hours under the cold water was didn’t harm the watch.

After Two Decades:

The watch was prepared for even more depth. The René-Paul Jeanneret, the Direct of Rolex Board, played an important role in this new project. He was able the Hans Wilsdorf to develop the diver watch. Here they gave a starting signal to the construction of Submariner Watches.

First Diving Wrist Watch:

The submariner was a first waterproof watch to the 100 meters of depth. It was built from the solid stainless steel. It has a sturdy Oyster case which is made with a new Twinlock winding crown that will help the watch to keep the dual sealing system moisture.

Presentation of Oyster:

In 1953, The Swiss scientist Auguste Piccard was plan a trip of diving on a boat of deep sea diving, to 3150 meters of the depth. For this purpose the Rolex has developed an experimental watch known as “Deep Sea Special”, it was performed really well and he came back to the surface with the fully functional watch. After passing the 7 years, another record attempt was planned after some updates to check the more depth. This time it was going in the bottom of Mariana Trench. It has a record of 10916-meter depth

In 1954:

In this year, at a Basel watch fair the Rolex has introduced a new Submariner to the public. It was an updated version introduced with more features such as inscription increased from the 100m to 200m.

Start to know as Reliable Instrument:

In early 1955 the British Navy decided to give this watch to their combat divers. In starting they used the standard models with the reference 6538 but after some time it was updated on their Request.

Development of Deep Sea Diving:

In 1963 the Rolex was started to collaborate with a French company “COMEX” who are specialized in the deep sea diving. They use the experience of professional divers to develop and introduce a new model. So, in 1967 the Rolex launched a next generation of the Ultra-resistance watch for the divers.

Latest Launch:

With the decades there were a lot of changes was made in the Rolex models in different years the depth was even increased and now the latest new launch was in the year 2012. Rolex was launched “no date” Submariner with the new Oyster bracelet and with modern cerachrome bezel