Seven Islands to visit in the Persian Gulf

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Date(s) - 09/18/2018 - 11/16/2019
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The Persian Gulf is full of small and big isles that attract many tourists each year. There are some thirty islands near the three provinces that border the Persian gulf, Hormozgan, Bushehr and Khuzestan. The weather is agreeable throughout at least half of the year (it’s very hot there in summers, last month of the spring and first month of the fall) so that one can still dip his toes in water in mid-autumn. They’re not close to the capital, but there are many ways to get there; you can travel on land by a bus, or train if you’re on a budget; If you can spend a bit more, you can find really good deals for Iran domestic flights in 1stQuest, where you can book online tickets from different airlines. It’ll take about 15 hours on land to get there from Tehran and about 90 minutes on a flight. Your next question would be where to choose among the different islands; here, we have prepared a short list to give you a gist of the choices possible.



Qeshm is one of the biggest islands in the Persian Gulf. This island is 120 kilometers by about 11 kilometers. Perhaps the easiest way to reach this place is a plane. One can find flight to Qeshm from any big city in Iran, such as Tabriz, Tehran, Isfahan, or Shiraz. There are many wonderful places to visit in Qeshm like walking in Chahkooh and going to the Stars Valley. Most people visit the close-by Hengam Island to watch its turtles and dolphins. The island is a quiet and beautiful spot. Additionally, you can visit the mangrove forests in the island. These are the trees that get covered with seawater when the tide is up.  An important point to remember is that Qeshm is one of the free-zones in Iran where you don’t need a visa to travel to.



This island is short ferry ride from Qeshm. Hengam is about 50 square kilometers. Its economy is based on fishing and mining; there are several salt and lead mines in Hengam. One of the attractions often visited is the remnants of buildings and the quay that the English army built in this island in the 19th century. This island had a strategic importance as warships could dock here. There are three small villages in Hengam, two of them will less inhabitant and older houses. The newer section is filled with modern entertainment parks which attract many Iranian tourists.



Kish is by far the most famous island in the Persian Gulf. It attracts loads of tourist every year. Just like Qeshm, passport holders of all countries can spend two weeks here with no visa. It is full of modern shopping centers, restaurants and hotels. Though it’s very popular among Iranians because of its modern malls and plenty of entertainment, for tourists looking for rare natural monuments, this place won’t be the first choice.



It is a small island near the city of Abadan. This island is not frequented by many tourists, be it Iranian or non-Iranian. Hence, you can find a more serene atmosphere. The population is around 12 thousand people, around half of which work in the farming crops and livestock. If you go there, you will probably stay with the locals and also dine there.



Guardian calls Hormuz as “the mostly forgotten land of colours” which is in the Strait of Hormuz, five kilometers away from the southeast of Bandar Abbas, in the province of Hormuzgan. It is said that this place was visited by many famous travelers like Marco Polo. This island is called the land of colors because of the marvelous and scares colors of the soils and rocks. To get to Hormuz island, you can reach it on large modern ships from Bandar Abbas, departing from the ShahidHaqani Passenger Port which takes about half an hour.



Lavan is the third biggest island in the Persian Gulf. It is 76 square kilometers big and has a population of less than 3000 people. Many of these people work in the oil industry as this island is one of the major ports for crude oil export. The only export of this island is pearls. The indigenous inhabitants of the island, many of whom work as divers, fish pearl at a certain time of the year. Lavan has a very fertile soil. It is full of palms; not really a surprise with high temperatures and elevated levels of humidity.



This island is not far from Qeshm. It is about 50 square kilometers. The island was formed by lava eruption and thus has beautiful hills. The highest point of the island is 138 meters above sea level. Farming is impossible in this island, therefore the inhabitants engage mostly in fishing and diving.

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