Signs That You’re Still Jewish If You Gamble

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Date(s) - 02/06/2020 - 12/24/2020
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So, you’re wondering if it’s okay or not to gamble for a traditional and conservative Jewish person? Well, it seems like you’re not alone in your doubts. Many Hebrew people seem to ask the same question over and over again: what would the Rabbi say? Others are more family-oriented and are afraid of what their bubbies would think, while some would even go so far and ask themselves if Ben Shapiro of all people would agree to gamble.


Yeah, we know! It’s lame to ask the last question. It’s a well-known fact that Shapiro is a half-baked dummy, and no one is interested in what he thinks and approves of. Well, that’s a guarantee if you’re not a full-on republican, wearing a red baseball cap, and chanting “Make America Great Again” all over your local shawarma restaurant.

What Does Tradition Say?

Some would say that the holy book might be the right place to start your investigation. Unfortunately, it seems like it doesn’t offer a clear and straightforward answer. Religion doesn’t appear to give a clear definition of what is what. It’s all over the place, going from one angle to another, like a total meshuga. Never giving straight answers, people easily get lost with the Talmud while trying to find a solution to their problem.


That being said, many prestigious Jews have debated this same question for centuries. According to one opinion in the Mishnah, the prohibition applies only in the case where the nebbish (a hapless guy) has no other profession. For example, if the unfortunate soul is a professional gambler, the Talmud suggests that he should be banned from society because he brings nothing useful to the world. A bold claim we’d say. What about the gold coins jangling around his neck purse?!


The other opinion our people hold dear, says that gambling is a form of thievery since the losing party gives up their money unwillingly. However, that’s really not the case here. To gamble, both parties need to be willing to play, and there’s no force involved. Both sides accept the possibility of losing fair and square.

A Possible Solution

We think there’s a way for you not to lose your Jewish identity if you want to bet your way through life. It’s not like a bit of poker, or a lottery ticket will ruin your life. No matter what it sometimes appears to be, it’s an exciting journey that carries excellent opportunities along the way. There’s no need for you to stray away from any of them!


Therefore, we’ve found a fix for the itch on your back — Caesars Slots, an app you can always try without any risk of breaking your religion’s rules. The only question is — can you win real money on Caesars Slots App? It’s a social casino application, focused on letting you feel the atmosphere of playing in a real gambling palace. There’s no need to worry about the possibility of fraud — the casino is licensed and safe for everyone. It’s not your standard sloppy mess, it offers more than a hundred slot titles to choose from, and none of them appear to be boring. Don’t hesitate — try it! You can always thank us later!

Final Words

Well, sure as Hell, we’re not here to force you to start gambling your hard-earned money away, we’re only here to try and give a solution to your problem. You can always think of us as friends gathered at your bar mitzvah ceremony, trying to provide you with a piece of honest advice for your coming of age. It’s not a shame to wonder and ask questions in our house.


Accepting our guidance, you won’t break the harsh and righteous rules of the Talmud. You’ll only be playing a game, just like any other out there. Of course, the theme of the games is gambling, but that’s pretty much it. There’s no danger involved, and the possibility of gambling your life away is not present.


Take a look for yourself and see if the link we’ve provided suits your ambitions. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed in any way possible, that’s the last thing we’d want you to be. Also, remember not to go all in, buddy! Ease yourself into the game and try to enjoy it as much as possible. Mazel tov!