Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

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Date(s) - 04/01/2019 - 04/30/2019
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The mesmerizing exhibition and festival of alluring bloomed tulips are celebrated annually in Washington, United State. It is passionately commemorated in Skagit Valley, the town of Mount Vernon, in the span of 1st April to 30th April. The basic motive behind this carnival is to commend the endeavors of farmers. Numerous farmers display their fields of spellbinding tulips, sometimes roses and daffodils as well, in the festivals for the mammoth audience. They dedicate a significant part of their hard work and time in growing these huge farms of tulips in winters.

What is the feasible time of paying a visit to Skagit Tulips Festival?

Some of the farmers on set the expo of their fields in the early days of March while some extent the show till the last sunsets of May. The variation takes place according to the rate of visitors, weathers, or productions of the flowers. Citing the support of observations, the highest peak of visitors are mostly recorded in the early start of May because the weather of March and April gets quite intolerable.

Your trip can become more enchanting on weekends as many other activities also take places for example music concerts, food stalls, and cottage industries products. However, the enjoyment can get obstructed by the heavy flow of traffic and the massive crowd from cities like Bellingham. So, it’s better to plan any business day in which the traffic and parking issues are minimized.

With less crowd, one can calmly relish the festival by exploring man farms, scenic beauties, and natural attractions. And last but not least, the suitable time to visit the Skagit carnival is in the early morning or before noon. The peaceful morning can give access to memorable photography, spectacular sunrise, and natural resonance of the place.

Are you wondering if any place for staying in the nearby Skagit Valley?

The excitement of the annual gala might have escalated after reading, so we are already serving you with the information on reasonable accommodation. Many hotels are being recently constructed nearby the Skagit Valley, giving ease of traveling to the visitors. These accommodations provide reasonable and high-quality costumes services of food and conveyance, that’s why they get pre-booked in a hustle. This sums up that you have to book any hotel of your choice in advance to prevent any form of cancellation and house full queries. DON’T DROP THE CHANCE OF VISITING SKAGIT TULIP FESTIVAL. The room or house charges range from $49 to $150 with all necessary facilities. One can easily log on to the hotels’ website and book the rooms with the discount or coupon offers available in the spring sessions. If you are willing to say outside the Skagit Valley, then still the choices of hotels remain vast. For example, budget-friendly resorts are present in Seattle, Anacortes, and etc. With this option, one can also participate in outdoor activities of walking, hiking, and exploring the district.

Before you actually decide to be the part of the carnival, grab these useful tips in your mind concretely.

–    Wear comfy and lightweight dresses, after the spring has crossed the boundary. Casual apparels with funky style will complement the photographs taken with the background of colorful tulips. Have you started imagining that picture? Discounts or coupons of ladies apparel of spring are available on multiple online websites like,, and Such offers can make your trip inexpensive by lowering the expensive of modish and contemporary attires. Ladies apparel coupons are provided on skirts, fannel shirts, jeans, sunnies, or pants in the early arrival of spring days.

–    Behave humanely with flowers and farms. Avoid parking anywhere in the available sphere as it might cause traffic and damage to the natural beauty. Park in the designated areas of the carnival.

–    Abstain from picking flowers unnecessarily as farmers spent their hard earned money and time in harvesting them throughout the year. Respect their struggle.

–    Careful in choosing the right path of walking around the fields. Follow the directions or placards.

–    If you plan to see the growth of other flowers like daffodils, then March is the right option to visit.

–    Keep bundles of cash with you as there will be no entertainment of cards. You will be asked for an entrance ticket purchase. Apart from this, cash can also be used to buy stuff like snacks and stalls’ products.

–    The best way to resolving the issue is to bring a bike to ride around the farms easily. No tension of waiting in the long queues. The most leisure way of traveling in the Skagit Valley.