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Gender: Female
Location: New York
About Me:
I am a first year graduate student studying nutrition. I have a non-traditional schedule, I love to cook and experiment in the kitchen. I am an avid gym-goer and runner. I travel quite often to LA and other destinations. I like to come home and chat with my roomie, but if you're not into that, that's ok too. If I'm home, I'm either doing homework or studying, cooking, or watching TV on my laptop. If I'm not at home, I'm at school, babysitting or volunteering. I don't care about dishes left in the sink, but I am very into recycling and composting. We don't have a TV and I'm not looking to add one to the living room, but there is plenty of room for one in the master bedroom! I'm always down for a Netflix binge on my laptop with a glass of wine (or kombucha if we're being honest). I am vegan, but I don't mind what you eat.

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