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Gender: Male
Location: faisalabad
About Me:
Welcome to my little slice of http://bulksitechecker.com/. I am waqas ahmad and master of some within the remit of digital products & marketing.My ethos is based on 3 fundamentals. Long term relationships. Creativity. Results.Long term relationships form the fertile ground required for trust and communication.
7+ years of direct hands on experience in online marketing, keyword analysis, SEO (search engine optimization), SEO content development, social media, SMO (social media optimization), Organic key wording and traffic. Specialist in :

Link building
Content Strategy
I work in different themes like sports, business/finance, loan, education, health/fitness , dating and many more.
Working with live person, Caesars, Sem solution , Moz etc
Feel free to drop me a line: bulksitecheckers@gmail.com

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