What To Serve In A Simple Engagement Party

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Date(s) - 04/15/2019 - 12/20/2019
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Throwing an engagement party is one of the nicest ways for you to celebrate the next-stage level of commitment that you and your fiancé will be facing in the presence of your family and friends. You have to take note though that this is not the actual wedding so you do not have to spend as much as you will do on the big day so you can get by with a simple backyard party with a simple food spread.

No matter what the party, food is a key factor in the success of any social gathering. Keeping a simple menu means no one will have to be slaving in the kitchen and there will be more time for mingling. A buffet style of serving will also make the party more casual and more relaxed.

So what kind of food should you be serving if you are on a budget and you just want to throw a simple engagement party? Here are some themes and suggestions that can suit any budget that you may have in mind without having to take a chunk out of your savings:

Desserts-only party

Who says you have to serve a full-course meal to have a party? Having a desserts-only party is a rising trend – especially for bridal parties and engagement parties. Have people come over for an afternoon of sweets. You can even order up a cake that has your Engagement Ring Bespoke Design.

Have a fiesta

Everybody loves Mexican food, and they are also not that expensive to make so having a fiesta-themed party will be a hit. You can pair the Mexican food with lots of tequilas and margaritas as well to keep the party vibe going all night long.

Go tropical

Why not take everyone to the beach and have a tropical-themed party? If you can not rent out a local beach house, then you can just do it at home and have tropical-themed decors to give everyone the tropical vibe. With this theme, you can serve cocktails and tropical drinks, lots of fruit, and simple seafood dishes.

Wine and cheese

If you want things simple but still elegant, you can go for a wine and cheese party where all you have to do is make sure everybody has wine and you stock on lots of cheese, crackers, fruits, and some meat for people to nibble on.

Family potluck

Why not invite family and just your closest friends and ask them to bring one dish to share for everyone? If they love you, they would not mind bringing you a little something to help you celebrate. It is also very close and intimate as well.

As you can see, throwing an engagement party is not that expensive. All you need to do is budget-smart about it. Manage all things according to you and make everything special and elegant from food to engagement ring. Well, to buy an elegant ring design at affordable prices, contact Elegant Gems, and order your style or design ring. They make it more special for you. And you can organize a party in an elegant style along with spending in your control.