Which South African wine goes well which South African food

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South African Food


What is gastronomy?

In general, is the result of the fusion of many cultures that converge in a specific place and thanks to the mixture of those; you get the wealth of ingredients that give life to a cuisine totally different from the bases from which it comes.

South Africa is the dream of any foodie, it has a wide selection of different dishes that reflect the variety of landscapes, colors, and people coming from the different cultural influences throughout the continent. In addition to its traditional culinary offerings, South Africa is developing a very modern and contemporary culinary culture with new openings.

Atmosphere and preference there for food and wine:

The warm atmosphere of the local places allows appreciating, even more, the incredible flavor of the South African food.

Among the main protagonists of this trend are, without a doubt, Cape Town and Johannesburg, where the restoration sector is constantly evolving.

Nevertheless, we will discuss the South African wine goes well which South African food South Africa is known for having a rich and popular beer. The most consumed style is the lager that is “soft” and “light” (similar to glass). A common style is also the “Umqombothi” homemade distillation beer.

Wines in South Africa

In the country, very good sweet, white and red wines are also produced. Also, fine liqueurs and spirits such as brandies and sherry– South Africa, between the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean, protected by the mountain chain, is one of the most beautiful areas in the world, the Cape of Good Hope. South Africa is one of the oldest producers of what has been called the New World wine, is located no more or less as the ninth producer of wine in the world.

Pairing of wine and South African cuisine:

The word pairing derives from marriage, the French denomination of marriage and refers to the harmonious combination of flavors. That is those favorite combinations that are known to enhance the qualities of each part: as the delight of coffee with bitter chocolate or the classic of Havana and rum. Regarding wines is related, it happens that we fall into the narrow distinction of marrying red meats with red wine and white meats with white wine; but when entering that world, it turns out that there are thousands of variants to attend and many wines to try.

Pairing is a natural part of wine as it is the drink par excellence that accompanies the food, chemical processes, levels of acidity and alcohol through low consumption makes it the best ally,” says Pablo while ensuring that, before starting, we must warn about the particular taste of the diner. None of these letters makes sense if you do not take into account that everyone should enjoy the wine according to their personal preferences.

The wine itself:

The fat of the food can be an indication of what kind of wine will be best served, it is necessary to take into account the cooking method, the accompaniment, and the condiments. Meals with a lot of fat content, such as lamb or sauces with milk cream, they go well with wines that have a high percentage of tannin, a chemical in the wine that generates that rough sensation in the mouth and helps to cleanse the palate.

The country where the styles of the new world and the old

When we say wine in South Africa, we are talking about a wine producing country still in transition, often with problems of identity and image for the consumer. Do not forget that South Africa has the most attractive wine regions in the world. They are perfect for wine tourism, and this is an activity in development. Cape Town, following the Wine Route to the East and nestled in a narrow valley surrounded by rugged mountains, is the sophisticated town of Franschhoek.

About South Africa and its wines

South African wines are renowned because in South Africa, in addition to quantity and quality and variety, as a result, have achieved a well-deserved reputation outside the borders of the country.

What kind of wines do we find in South Africa?

The white wine varieties occupy around 80% of the surface of the vineyards, and among the most cultivated grapes, the protagonist is the Steen, local name of the Chenin Blanc), Hanepoot, Colombard, Sauvignon, and Chardonnay are also present. The red varieties include Cabernet Sauvignon, exquisite Shiraz, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Pinot noir and, above all, the most characteristic of South African viticulture, Pinotage.

Varied cuisine:

South Africa for certain have the most diversified and varied cuisines in the world. This is just because the best cooks who introduced the yummiest food of all were existent in South Africa
Food and wine together!

Not to deny but the verdict is that yes the food and the vine compliment with each other when it specifically comes to the best cuisine and the South African gastronomy. There are the traditional foods that go very well with the taste of different wines that are present. Indeed it is a marvelous way to explore the wine flavors! Today we will discuss that which foods go best with which wine. Have a look!

Red wine of South Africa

This one goes extremely well with that of the red meat dishes; yes, you can say that the red compliments the red! Get a delight of the South African Pinotage with springbok that is well marinated or relish it with the Bobotie.

White wine of South Africa

You can give it a try with that of the smoked salmon. This one goes very well with it. The flavors of these two blends with each other giving you an appealing taste!

African Wine that is Sweet

Try a sweet wine with desserts like the traditional milk cake or Koeksisters. We are sure you will like this combination!

Each wine has its regional or typical pairing within South Africa. Although it may be difficult to find a place where these dishes sell, preparing a recipe for these should not be so complicated.