(Action takes place in a Home Depot) .


Copyright 2001, all rights reserved.

Copyright 2001, all rights reserved.

Bernice: Tell me again why we need all this lumber?

Norman: It's gonna rain, Bernice.

Bernice: Yeah, so?

Norman: Bernice, could you maybe just go look at the plants or something? I gotta concentrate here.

Bernice: You're buying out the whole store, Norman! You have every board, every nail, every shingle they have in the whole damn store, and you tell me it's because it's gonna rain? I'm warning you, Norman, if you don't tell me right now what the hell you're talking about, I'm calling Dr. Plotnick!

Norman: Bernice, could you once, just once, just trust me? I'm not psychologically prepared to share this with you just yet. I promise I'll tell you what's going on when the time comes.

Bernice: Forget it. That's what you said when you bought the Edsel. A big surprise, you said. It's gonna be