I think George Clinton said it best when he commented, after licking, as opposed to shaking, a woman's hand in the classic movie PCU, “It's just the dog in me baby”. Well, the dog in all of us cannot but enjoy leering at the bountiful feast that is Jennifer Love Hewitt set before us in the sour and bleak attempt at comedy, Heartbreakers. Her outfits become increasingly tighter, sexier, and more supportive and we can be sure that the makers of this movie know what their product and her assets are and intend to exploit them to the utmost. And Hewitt, being a young attractive woman coming up in the world, takes great pride in her toned physique. She has crafted the perfect room entering sashay to be her personal trademark as she completes this draw dropping feet at least a dozen times (in different slinky dresses of course). The camera ogles her, the characters on screen do the same, and the audience can't help but follow. I am going on about Ms. Hewitt's appearance merely because I am well aware that seventy percent of this movies box office will come from males interested in a little harmless histaklus (translation: being a dog). As far as her acting is concerned