Hebrew Kabbalah Jewelry A self Protection Amulets

The idea that pieces of jewelry can heal and protect its wearer is new.
Amulets and talismans,  have been used since the beginning of man kind. 

We wear wedding rings and engagement rings as a reminder of commitment and as a way symolize our love .
Our body needs positive energy , as much as possible.  The form of positive energy provide to us the benefits of life:

  • Good health
  • Peace of mind
  • Tranquility

There are many sources of positive energy:

  • proper nutrition and exercise
  • from true love,
  • affection,
  • respect.

Kabbalah and Hebrew jewelry aims to attune ourselves to the positive power invoked by the holy words engraved on them and flush out negative energy . 
Some of the Kabbalah geometric patterns are found in Nature  and the positive power that they invoke is present in Nature.

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