Prologue: Considering that one of the major premises of the movie is that the internet is merely a medium created so that pathetic people can exchange porn and complain about movies – I feel like kind of a sap right now writing a movie review for the internet …while downloading ridiculous amounts of porn.

If you are a Kevin Smith fan you may be a bit angry with a so-called movie fan and critic like myself. I cannot deny that Mr. Smith is somewhat of a force to be reckoned with in Hollywood today, but for some reason, while he has been on my radar for many years, the only work of his I have seen is last year's Dogma. After catching his latest – the unabashedly riotous Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back – I humbly ask forgiveness from all those who have been of the enlightened for the past 7 years and I will do my teshuvah (surely before Rosh Hashanah) and excitedly anticipate seeing all of his other films. As the Hebrew saying goes (translated): CLERKS MALLRATS CHASING AMY will lead to an overturning of a bad decree.

If you're still sticking with me you are either a benevolent Smith fan or you don't give a damn either way. For now, I am more ably equipped to speak to those who don't give a damn because I may be able to convince them otherwise.

Kevin Smith may just be the savior, as far as filmmaking is concerned, for a generation. Who else has the guts to take his adoration for America's cheesy with extra cheese pop culture from a decade and two and three ago and plaster it lovingly on the big screen. The man is, as the French say, la connoisseur de' fromage. Who else is giving meaningful work to Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker), Carrie Fisher (Princess Lei), Judd Nelson (John Bender), and George Carlin (Rufus)? Who is still referencing Mork and Mindy, Purple Rain, Shermer Illinois (the fictional John Hughes town), and a variety of classic comics with pristine respect for what is all essentially – and I mean this with tremendous compassion and sentiment – garbage. Kevin Smith appreciates movies, and actors, and studios for exactly what they are many times worth – not much. He is looking to have a good time when he steps out into the world and by unleashing this film; he is telling us that it is OK to do the same. He preaches laughter at the absurdities of movie making and the people who seem so important because they work in the industry.

Many of the laughs in the movie are rooted in the satisfaction the audience receives by simply getting the jokes. If you don't know movies, have never seen Star Wars or Good Will Hunting, or can't stand pop culture in general then it will be all the more difficult to enjoy Smith's work. These types of movies are made for those – and there are many of us – who think like Smith. It is a kind of exclusive group and you will realize this if you look around the theatre. There will be three types of people sitting amongst you: 1.) The horrified who made a wrong turn on their way to Captain Corelli's Mandolin 2.) The brainy movie buff picking up on every clever inside joke and 3.) The young dumbasses – too young to understand Smith's 70's and 80's tributes – who came to hear Jay (Jason Mewes) use the F word unceasingly amongst other “rude” gestures, watch Eliza Dushku (Bring It On), Ali Larter (Varsity Blues), and Shannon Elizabeth (American Pie) feel themselves up, and generally take in the deviant behavior and other warped high jinks.

Needless to say, I found myself somewhere between group 2 and group 3 but my friends from group 3 wanted me to mention that, and I quote “we rock”.Because my editors at went Shanah Bet (1/2 year) I don't think it would be appropriate to describe some of the better raunchy gags in this review on their website, but I assure you they are all high quality vulgarity. Just to make sure it is said before I wrap up – and to give a quotable line for the newspaper ads- this movie is very funny. Laugh out loud funny? Perhaps even that.

Another plus for Kevin Smith is that he must be one heck of a nice guy. His popularity is evident based on the myriad of high profile actors, actresses, directors, and producers willing to be almost viciously slandered and to mock themselves throughout the movie. I wouldn't want to tell you about all the cameos because some of them should remain pleasant surprises. An honorable mention, however, to Will Ferrell of Saturday Night Live who simply will never let you down when it comes to putting a smile on your face.

By the way, the movie is “about” Jay and Silent Bob (Bob, played by Kevin Smith with only the rarely broken silence) going cross-country (from Smith's beloved Jersey to Hollywood) to stop a movie being made about the comic book characters (Bluntman and Chronic) based on themselves (background for this surely lies in the aforementioned Kevin Smith films). Along the way they meet up with some stunning jewel thieves, hitch a ride from Scooby and the gang, and steal a monkey. Now you're convinced.

In Three Sentences or Less – Everyone is game and having allot of fun so go and do the same. If you care at all about the pending Yom Ha-din (yes, I am talking to you) then you really should vow immediately that you would never succumb to viewing such blatant tummah, and then, naturally, rent it after Yom Kippur.


Writers Note – Stick around for the credits if you want to hear the whole uncut version of the song “Because I Got High” by Afroman. It is amusing, especially the first