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“Tonight Microsoft held a swanky launch event in New York City for its newly out of private beta Live Office Workspace. Our hands-on with the online document site is coming soon.

Microsoft really out did themselves for the launch of the Web service by having the stars and writers of the HBO hit show Entourage in attendance. The connection? We think that because writers write on word processors, which are on computers, they might be interested in the new software that lets you port your Word docs into a web interface and share them with others. We also betting they don't know about Google Docs.

Either way, I was psyched to score some face time (very close face time as you can see from the picture to the right) with Golden Globe winner Jeremy Piven. I'm not only a long time fan of the show but a Piven and PCU lover. I got to ask Piven a few questions at the insanely loud event.

What type of phone do you carry?


A BlackBerry Curve. It has a picture of my niece Pearl on it. Isn't that a nice coincidence.

And you use BlackBerry messenger. Can I have your PIN so we can chat?

I don't know think that's a good idea.

There is a scene in a episode of Entrouge where you pick up your cell in a synagogue during Rosh Hashana services. Would Jermey Piven pull an Ari Gold?

I have to say I might. I guess I am a bad Jew and I love my phone.

Are you on J-Date?

No. I don't have a problem meeting people. Are you?

No, actually. Microsoft is launching its Live Office Workspace tonight. Is it a tool you could see yourself using?

Yes. When I am working in a script I can have my friends and partners actively comment on the writing in real time using it.

Could you see Ari Gold using it to communicate with Vincent Chase or his assistant Lloyd?

Sure, why not? It works great for collaborating with others”