Seeking roommate for loft in fantastic 1886 brick building in Bushwick!

– There are 3 bedrooms, you will have 2 loft-mates
– Available June 1st, month to month sublet from me, the leaseholder
– Rent $900 per mo., total to move in = $2725 (first / last / dep + $25 key dep.)
– Bedroom is 127 sq. ft, Room is for one person
– By JMZ and L

—- PLEASE READ everything below, it will answer ALL your questions!

– Address: 27 Arion Pl., Brooklyn, NY, 11206
The best thing about this building is the community of vibrant, diverse, friendly residents (60 loft apartments). Many are artists or creative professionals (coders, filmmakers, app developers, talent bookers) and you will enjoy socializing and networking with people you meet here, it is Bushwick at its finest!

You will have access to FREE / 24hr. in-building gym, dance / yoga studio (with mirrored wall), FREE music practice studios, lounge (huge) with wide screen tv / pool table / ping pong / air hockey, gated courtyard with picnic tables + seating, newly resurfaced roof deck, laundry room, bbq / dog run area (good for smokers), covered picnic table area. There is a front gate key (electronic) and a building key. Free exterminator comes every month to service each apartment as needed.

2 Blocks from Myrtle J / M / Z stop, 10 min. walk to the L
(You do NOT hear the train in the apartment)
On street parking (I have a car and it’s not too bad)
Bicycles / scooters / motorcycles can be parked within our secure courtyard gate

Mixed cultures, bustling, Food Bazaar grocery, diverse eateries, bars, mexican, chinese, Spanish, Indian, Italian, Korean food
Very Close: Market Hotel, Mood Ring, Bizarre Bar, Bossa Nova Civic Club, Norbert’s veg / vegan pizza, Lone Wolf bar, Happy Fun Hideaway, Harvest Cyclery, Mr. Kiwi store / juice bar, Little Skips coffee, CVS, parties
Block is safe, bldg. and block are friendly, not gentrified, a few “spare change” ppl

Whole apartment is 16x33ft with gorgeous high vintage tin ceilings, there are
3 bedrooms (one on floor level, 2 above in upper lofts), apartment is on first floor, no stairs from street all the way to inside the apartment. The living room is furnished.

Your personal space = 127sqft – A loft Bedroom approx 15 x 8.5 feet. Since it is a loft, there are some sprinkler system pipes going thru it and also bisecting the space is the manifold for the heater. Its more spacious than it sounds.

Half of this room is open to the living room, so for privacy you’ll probably want to set up some book shelves / tapestry / or temp structure to section off your bedroom.
NOTE: ***There is an easy to climb LADDER to get to your room***. A 6 foot tall person can stand in both the bedroom and office but must duck to go from one to the other. Lots of windows, sun and air. Walls are brick, ceiling is tin.

Your loftmates are Julie (a full time dj) and Alix (a foodie and photographer). Julie is a vegetarian but Alix isn’t, we don’t group purchase groceries but sometimes chip in for TP or house stuff. Julie has dj hours so low noise before 2 or 3pm is appreciated. LGBTQ not an issue.
We are looking for a cheerful, MATURE person to share the space : )

– Front door should be deadbolted at all times
– Do not copy keys / give them to friends to keep indefinitely
– Please do not allow people you don’t know to crash at our place
– No smoking in the house (there are many places in the bldg for that)
– No open flames of any kind (candles, incense, smoking)
– No dogs, other animal must be discussed
– Please do not have a drug or alcohol habit that is problematic
– This should not be your first time living away from your parents
– Have income and savings for emergencies
– Please don’t “bring the party home” – the lounge is great for after-hours!
– Keep the place clean
– Put the toilet seat down ; )
– No “paraphernalia” in the shared space
– Don’t let police enter the house without a warrant

Keeping the shared areas functional and clean is a must. Please clean up after yourself and contribute to the general cleaning as well.
KITCHEN: after cooking: wipe stove, kitchen surfaces, sweep up food debris, wash pans and dishes so others may use them. Throw out old produce and expired fridge food. BATHROOM: clean tub ring after bath, spray tile with bleach if mold is forming, wipe up spills, clean sink / toilet when needed, put the seat down, dump trash if its full.

MANY PHOTOS in my Craigslist ad here

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  • : 27 arion place, brooklyn, ny 11206
  • : 06/01/2020
  • : 900.00
  • : 201-679-9736