It's Friday Morning and you need kosher meat for shabbos, don't fret – now Red Heifer Farm will launch its Glatt Kosher Pasture-Raised Veal at 97th Street (between Columbus and Amsterda)  at the outdoor NYC Greenmarket on 8AM-1PM this Friday!
Not only will there be fresh kosher meat for sale, but Rabbi Pinkhas Iliasov, Chief Assistant to the Shochet will be there to cook samples and answer random Kashrus questions about the shechita on the Red Heifer Farm.
This might begin the to jewify the grassroots outdoor market! What's next? supervision of Rabbi Zvi Ashkenazi (the Shochet) and Rabbi Avrohom Marmorstein.  Apparently kosher chicken is coming in the next few weeks as well.
If you can't make it on Friday mornin, don't worry deliveries are available from the market! check their website below…