It is official, Leo Dicaprio will be becoming a Jewish Dad! 

mazal tov, Leo and Bar – B'shaah Tovah!

Check it here

Bar Rafaeli, Leo's incredibly beautiful Israeli model girlfriend (now fiance), is preggers! Woohoo can't wait to hear the name of this kid after such celeb jewy names such as: Shiloh, Suri and Moses…I'm thinking "Rafael" would be strangely appropo

Some other Incredibly important things to consider:

  • Will mini-Leo need to serve in the Israeli Army?

Will mini-Leo rock out a Hollywood ManNishtana?

If it is a boy, will there be a Bris or even a Pidyon Haben?

How many times will Titani be shown at this kid's Bar/Bat mitzvah?

Leo's next political movie role:  Abba Edan?